BeBop vs Karo - Sizes

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  1. I can't seem to get a handle on the size differences. Which BeBop is the Karo PM equivilant?
  2. Does the BeBop come in more than one size? I've only seen one
  3. Ahhh yes it does, here you go


    Quote from MrsS

    In Rose Dragee Swift. Comes in 3 sizes. This is the mini size. 7.5 by 3.5 by 2 inches deep

    Photo courtesy: pigleto972001

  4. Thanks Mooks - so in terms of capacity Karo PM = BeBop MM then?
  5. Yeah looks that way
  6. Yup I´d really like to know the real life size of the GM Bebop!
  7. the pm would be equivalent...the mm is a beast!
  8. I agree with flamingosparkle, the MM Bebop is quite a bit larger than a GM Karo.
  9. Really? I have only seen the PM BeBop in real life.
    I was thinking that if I couldnt get a GM Karo, I would look for a GM Bebop. Maybe that will be too big.
  10. I'm not sure a GM Bebop is going to be that much larger than the GM Karo as the PM Bebop is so tiny, more like a pencil case unlike the PM Karo which is still a good size
  11. The largest bebop is just ENORMOUS!! Nice and smushy though. I much prefer the bebops over the karos, as they are easier to manage. Karos' structure make them difficult to carry for those who carry smaller bags.
  12. What size do you have hermesmonkey??
    It looks like a Karo will never appear. I like the idea of the smushy swift BeBop.
  13. ^ I'd like to know that too HM. Can you fit say, a lippie, gloss, balm, pencil and a brush. A couple of "ladies essentials" a little mirror and a tissue in the PM BeBop?

    If I can't get a great colour in a Karo PM I'd like the same capacity in a BeBop.