BeBop Clutch UPDATE

  1. I got a call from my SA in NYC today with more info about the new clutch. It's called the BeBop ( not sure about the spelling) clutch. It is about the same size as the Karo, but rectangular and box shaped (instead of flat). It will only be available in veau swift leather. It comes in the following colors (this is at the NYC store) bleu jean, vermillion, orange, vert anis, turquoise, and rose dragree.
  2. Oooh, sounds divine! Thanks for the info Rose!!!
  3. Yeaahhh!!! Sounds lovely !!! but I thought the Karo is rectangular.. so more rectangular ??? Do you have the price Rose ?
  4. It's almost box shaped, so a rectangular box. I don't know what the prices will be but I expect it will be slighly more than the Karo.
  5. :yes:, Did you order one yet Rose ? color ?
  6. Any pics?
  7. No, I just bought a Karo PM in rose shocking which should be with me on Tuesday ,so , I can't justify getting this clutch as well.
  8. No, I just got this info over the phone, they don't actually have the clutches in yet.
  9. Rose, what sort of closures does the BeBop have? Press button or zip? There is one that I am expecting which has a press button but I hear that there is ANOTHER cosmestic pouch as well. So I am kind of worrying how many of these will be available in this new season.
  10. I just checked with my SA. I know this one. It comes with a silver press button at the top. Imagine a slim 2 x 6 rectangular box. The narrrower sides fold inwards first (like you would wrap a present) and then the longer sides fold towards the middle, and then it's secured by this silver press button.

    It's a very souple pouch/clutch with very soft corners (as to be expected with swift). I think this one has the Lindy influence in its design.

    There are 2 sizes > mini and PM. I have not seen it IRL because the BeBop has not arrived at my local store yet but I think this one has potential to be a sunglasses case!
  11. you can see it in the new H magazine!
    looks for me more casual than Karo.
  12. Ooooh! Can't wait to see. Thanks for the update, Rose!
  13. I haven't seen it yet. Could you maybe take a picture of the page?
  14. Here you go:

  15. I like it!