BeBop clutch: do you have one? What's inside?

  1. I am thinking about getting a BeBop to put my keys and other miscellaneous purse things in. The Karo is apparently not available in Canada.

    Does anyone have photos to share of their BeBop in action?

    What do you keep inside?

    Do you love it? Would you get it again?

    What size and why?
  2. I have the PM in Turquoise Swift. I had originally bought it to test it out as a replacement for my Karo, but found it too squishy for my purposes. With the Karo, I could leave it open and it would be easy to pop things back in, but I found this more difficult with the BeBop because the Swift was not as rigid as my Chevre Karos. Also, the softer leather causes you to exert a bit more effort to snap it closed. As a result, I use this now to house my oversized Oliver Peoples sunglasses; this works well for me b/c the original case is a lot larger than the PM BeBop. The TPM was a bit too narrow for my purposes but great for pens and pencils IMO in case anyone needs something for that purpose.
  3. I have the TPM in orange swift. I agree with Orchids that it is good for pencils, lipstick & things of that nature. It really holds approximately what a PM Karo holds. Since I have both a PM and GM Karo, I don't always use the Be-bop. If you cannot obtain a Karo, then the Be-bop is a good alternative.
  4. Piaffe, I asked about the Karo in the store last Friday as I was playing with the orange BeBop. I was told they can try to locate one through Paris at another store. I haven't heard back from the store as of yet.
  5. Sus and Orchids: thank you for your insight. I would definitely prefer the Karo, and worry a little about the total floppy/floopy character of a swift single snap BeBop... I will have to go and play with some at the boutique.

    Liness - was this in Toronto? That's encouraging. I called and asked about the Karo, but the SA told me she didn't know what it was, and that the boutiques in Canada had not ordered anything like what I was describing! Are they tracking one down for you?
  6. Yes, it was in Toronto. One girl didn't know what I was talking about but the guys did. There was no guarantee that they can get it but said he would try to get it from another store through Paris. I went to them in person, you might try that if you have time. They have some new SAs in the store, who might not be familiar with the older/ discontinuing (?) products.
  7. Is the Karo discontinued? Or is it just not available here in Canada? Thanks!
  8. I read in other Karo threads that it might be discontinuing. I asked him and he nodded (but don't take that as a confirmation but just him continuing our conversation) but he was optimistic that he could find one elsewhere. That being said, I don't know if it's not just not available here in Canada. I didn't ask him that.
  9. I have bought 2 Karos from an authentic H seller in the UK, and she told me they will be discontinued:crybaby:. I love them, and am sorry to hear that. So they won't be appearing anywhere when the time comes.
  10. i didnt realise the karo was being discontinued...

    darn... i should have read this thread before the price increase 3 days ago...blah
  11. Does anyone know how much did a Karo (PM) cost before the price increase? I was at an H store 2 days ago, and the PM (small) Karo is $660. Thanks.