Bebe Return

  1. I hardly shop at Bebe but my friend bought me a dress from there for my birthday. It's cute but I really don't see myself wearing it anytime soon. Does anyone know what their policy is about returns? I don't have a receipt and I'm not sure when exactly my friend bought the dress but I do know that I have not seen in in the stores when I went to take a look.
  2. I believe the return/exchange policy in Bebe Stores are within 21 days / 3 weeks from the day you made a purchase. But I'm not sure if you can return/exchange it without proof of receipt... You can always ask your local Bebe stores for more info, or visit their official website. Good luck
  3. Hi and happy belated birthday. The last time I tried to return a top I received as a gift (without a receipt) they would not accept it, not even for an exchange. They required proof of purchase (gift receipt at the least). Hope they changed that policy. Maybe you could try calling a store or just walk in with the dress. Why not try to sell it on eBay or craig's list if you can't return it and really don't want it.
  4. Bebe requires a receipt for return, they are not very flexible with their return policy & won't even let you have a store credit
  5. There very strict with there policy. No receipts, no exchange unless you bought it recently and they can search it with your credit card. Just call your local store and explain them that it was a gift maybe they will be a little understanding..Good luck, sweetie
  6. I agree with those that said that they have a strict return policy...very strict, actually. My husband bought me a sweater and a few other things from there and just gave me the gift receipt. I had a hell of a time even exchanging the merchandise even though it was within the return period. They didn't want to exchange it because it was bought at one of the other stores and told me that I needed to return to the store of purchase. That store was over an hour further from my house. Needless to say, I was extremely annoyed. After much negotiating with the manager, she finally agreed to exchange it "this one time". I have not shopped there since.
  7. I've gotten store credit before... just be really nice and be ready to buy something maybe.
  8. Hmm. . .Thanks everyone!! Maybe I'll just keep the dress to make it easier on myself. It's black so I'm sure I would find some use for it in the future.