Bebe: LV copycat?

  1. so i was walking by BeBe in the mall yesterday and saw a handbag looking kinda sorta like an LV style bag.. hmm...anyone see it too? rivets.. and gold name

    i was on their website and saw something between a dior ethnic bag (braided handle) and a gucci bag (the shape and the tassle thing)
  2. Yeah, that looks like a copy of the rivets bag in lambskin.
  3. haha, no kidding.
  4. a lot of the more affordable brands (guess, bebe) tend to copy lv and gucci.. like the gucci waist bag.. theres one from guess, at least they're not buying a fake gucci
  5. yup sure looks like a riveting wanna be.
  6. I saw the bag that looks like a Gucci Indy bag. :hrmm: In my opinion, most of their clothes are imitations of higher end designer's. During the Summer they had satin shirts with a print very similar to Gucci's horsebit print, not my cup of tea but, I do like some of their clothes :smile:
  7. I saw this the other day at the store. I guess it doesn't bother me since it's not an actual fake and doesn't use LVs logos.
  8. ITA!
  9. that's sad first Guess than Versace now Bebe:yucky:
  10. Still love the Riveting much more. Doesn't bother me but it is interesting to see what people come up with design wise.
  11. Love the riveting in white! Wonder if it's still available.. HMMMMMMM!!!
  12. That's how I feel.
  13. oh and let's not forget Dooney & Bourke :nogood:
  14. personally i think i'd feel a little uncomfortable wearing a bag that looks a lot like a more expensive designer bag..i wouldn't ridicule anyone wearing this bag though. Bebe is cheaper but for being a copycat of something else... its not cheap enough for me hahaha
  15. Oh yeah I saw tons of bag in Bebe looks familiar to Gucci & LV. lolz I used to get bebe when I can't get new purse, but now I rather save money for LV.