Bebe Heart Purse?

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  1. I was browsing the mall today and came across the Bebe heart purse which I thought was adorable. Does anyone know if it was "inspired" by something else? I would prefer to buy something that's real leather...

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. I think it's cute! It reminds me of Chanel, and Moschino also did some concepts with hearts. I would have bought this if it were real leather. It's an adorable bag. It's the perfect little bag for a night out dancing. I say go for it if you like it, but $69 seems way overpriced for fake leather. Bebe has suddenly resorted to synthetics, and it's a huge turn-off. They used to use all real leather, etc.
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    ^ you can thank all the soy-milk drinking, grass eating, pot smoking, far, far left, liberal, tree-huggers for the lack of real leathers being used in this day & age. Lol, I'm talking bout the same people that want to put animals on trial to testify! It seems if you do find a real leather bag, it cost a fortune! Lol, This world just amazes me sometimes, I was thinking earlier today about why it's getting harder & harder to find a good leather bag for around $200 or less.

    Omg speaking of those tree huggers, the news is on in the background & PETA wants to replace the ground hog in Pennsylvania that is brought out once a yr on Groundhog Day with a robot claiming that he is made a media spectacle! I'm NOT kidding!!!
  4. ^lmao.....very true! The bag is cute, but i hate fake leather too.....
  5. Yeah, I agree. :sad: My first thought was that the design was ripped off someone higher end... and I had hoped to buy it from that someone! But sounds like it's an original design (well, as original as a heart on a chain can get :P).

    I've found cute stuff at Bebe once or twice, but generally I think they're over-priced and quality is low. Can't decide whether this purse is worth it considering it falls into those two categories...
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    Umm. Are we sure it's not that companies want to make more money and that's why prices are increasing (and quality is decreasing)?

    Also... you can be a "far, far left, liberal tree-hugger" and not be a vegetarian. And thus have no problem with leather.

    But I bet the purse companies want you to blame PETA (and the "far left liberals") instead of blaming them! :P