Bebe does Balenciaga

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  1. For those of you who fell head over heels in love with the peep toe boots but lack, correct me if I am wrong, $4,000 to spend on them, Bebe has made a (slightly less attractive) knock off for $170.


    :lol: :sweatdrop: :heart:

    EDIT: Oh, there's more. Bebe also ripped off the ultra fab triple buckle belt; check it out:

  2. & the real deal..


  3. Close enough for me, ha ha. However I doubt I'd wear either of them anyways, no really my style.

    Funny how all the designs from the runway eventually filter down to the local mall.
  4. Yupp; Nine West, Bebe, Steve Madden.. they're all just copy cats. :rolleyes: