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  1. Has anyone ever ordered from them? I've read some reviews [more negative than positive, but older]. TIA
  2. Please do NOT use this site. They are horrible! I ordered some nail polishes from them last year and apparently, some of them were out-of-stock. Instead of refunding me for the polishes I hadn't received (as I requested) these idiots eventually sent me the out-of-stock items...however, it took them nearly 2 months to do so! I had to file a dispute with PayPal and I closed it once I received my polishes. But it was not worth the hassle at all - I guess I should be grateful that I got my entire order, many others who ordered from them weren't so lucky.

    So umm...thumbs down to Beauty Rose! They are an awful company that should be put out of business.
  3. ^ That sounds horrible! :sad: Thumbs down to them too!! Thanks for letting us know!