Beautylicious (or anyone else) please ID this bag!!

  1. I found this bag posted by Beautylicious and I think it's gorgeous! Can anyone please tell me the price and name of this bag? Thanks :smile::smile::smile:
    000_2282.JPG 000_2367.JPG
  2. That's nice! I have not seen that in stores recently. Maybe it's discontinued?
  3. ^Yeah maybe vintage?

    I love that style!
  4. i love it too. it's so prettyyy.
  5. I guess vintage. Gorgeous!
  6. it is vintage
    look on the auth this thread
    when she was buying it she got help from some pfr's
  7. Classic!
  8. Thank you all for the nice comments on my classic tote! I received a lot of PM's of members asking me about this tote, I'm really flattered :cutesy:

    I found this one on eBay about 3 months ago and unfortunately it is no longer available at the boutiques. This style has been discontinued a couple of years ago. I tried both the PST and GST on at the boutique and I thought they were too bulky for my taste. A few days later I saw this one on eBay and it's perfect for me :tup:
  9. I authenticated a similar tote on eBay for someone else :smile:
  10. Wow that is a very pretty tote ...
  11. Thanks darling ;)