BeautyInside's Purse Collection (Pictures!)

  1. I just got the Signature Stripe Denim Tote during the PCE for a great deal. I got 25% off plus I used my gift cards on top, so I only paid $199 (Canadian)!

    (More photos to come!)

    Coach Items.jpg Denim Tote Front 2.jpg Denim Tote Interior.jpg Market Shoulder Tote.jpg Mini Skinny 2.jpg
  2. man, that denim tote is to die for, and the lining is gorgeous! great collection! :smile:
  3. Due to my financial situation, Coach is quite a luxury brand to me. I also have non-Coach purses that I love just as much (and that don't murder my wallet - you'll see some in the pictures below).

    (Even more photos to come! I didn't know that you can only attach 5 images at a time.)

    Indigo Patchwork Pouch Front.jpg Signature Gallery Tote Front.jpg Old Navy Purse.jpg Kathy Zealand Purse.jpg Liz Claiborne Purse.jpg
  4. Mmmm, delicious collection. I really like the gold sig wristlet.
  5. These non-Coach purses, I bought when I was a teenager. I still use some of them now at the age of 25.

    Non-Coach Purses.jpg RB & Hello Kitty.jpg Non-Coach Purses 2.jpg Green & Brown Purses.jpg Polka Dot Purse.jpg
  6. I have that denim tote and LOVE it!

    The lining is to die for! I wish more bags had it.

    What's the name of the fourth bag in your first post? The lighter brown tote?

    Thanks. It's pretty.

    Great stuff!
  7. Lunatwinkle: It's been a while since a Coach purse has really struck me and it must've been fate calling because I didn't even know about the PCE. I just walked into the boutique, found out, and seconds later, the denim tote was beckoning to me.

    Actually, it's a mini skinny, isn't it? I didn't get it with any wrist strap. Inside there's a key ring. I won this item on eBay for around $40 (Canadian) when I was just getting into Coach!
  8. IHeartCoach: I can't remember the official name, but it was something like Signature Market Shoulder Tote. It was the first Coach purse I ever bought and I remember experiencing sticker shock.
  9. I love the purple bags, so stunning!!
  10. titania029: The purple purses are by far my favourites in the entire collection and get this - the slouchy one cost only $23 (Canadian) and the mock-croc satchel was only around $50 (Canadian). Who says that you can't get great purses for next to nothing?
  11. Nice collection. Thanks, for sharing.
  12. Lovely collection
  13. Great collection! I also have the chocolate sig. tote. It so cool huh?
  14. Nice collection!! I love that denim tote!!
  15. Rainbow Brite's Sprite! Too cute. I love seeing stuff from cartoons when I was little. Ah, nostalgia. :smile:

    And I really love your first khaki/mahogany tote on the left in the first picture. Isn't that the old style of gallery tote? I fell in love with that style before I started buying Coach, but they haven't made them since. *sniffle*