beauty SA nightmares, tell me Denmark is not the worst !

  1. I was so upset yesterday during my shopping trip, aarrrrgghh.....never had this experience in France.
    Just in the same department store, at the MAC counter, my friend and I were "testing" the eye shadows with our fingers onto our hands. The SA comes and instead of offering help, just orders us to use the cotton sticks (you know for your ears?), and that's it.We left.
    At the Guerlain counter, no assistant in sight I wait and wait and go ask to the SA for help, asking if I could try the Terracotta powder, she takes the brush that was left there and give it to me "here you go", me face of shock, ask her "mmm is it clean ?" so she cleans it with tissues and leaves to some customer at the Chanel counter !!! I was about to burst, and just said -my level in english doesn't allow me to be subtle....- "Sorry but we are not done yet !", so I bought the stuff bc I needed it but really wondered if they get any sort of education in selling service !!!!!
    Tell me it's not only Denmark !!!!...because between this and my 5 weeks -still no news- of waiting for a strap from LV Copenhagen, I am really:cursing:
  2. My experience in Denmark is that the help is very direct usually, not neccessarily polite to such an extent as they are in France and UK and other countries. But they usually are quite helpul noneheless (except LV lol) and easy to chat with, kind of more humane anddown to earth than SAs elsewhere.
  3. I have had crappy service at the make-up counters in the UK several times,
    It's like when i asked to see a lipstick at MAC they where like "uuh i don't know...i don't think so" It's like well can't you just check!?!
    Don't worry about it!
    If they do it alot and have a crappy attitude complain via email or something , I did that and when i went back they where more helpfull.