Beauty routines for skiing holidays

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  1. Apart from super high SPF what do you suggest for high altitude before & after skiing?
    I use a good hair masque, antirougeurs facial cream and very gentle products, but would love to know what you do!:smile:
  2. As the mother of a little boy who just came back from a week in the Austrian Alps covered in blisters (seriously, it is as if someone had thrown a pan of smoking hot oil on his face) just to say, do not to rely on the morning application of super high SPF only, but carry one of those SPF sticks and reapply constantly if it is a sunny day, particularly the lips and nose.
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  3. Yes- that’s a given while skiing. But I am talking about after and before. Sort of bedtime routine or hanging round the chalet part
  4. Ok mine is dependent on access to a sauna. What I like to do is apply the Nuxe brand miel body scrub all over and then sit in the steam room with it on as long as possible. Then I shower and apply the Nuxe huile prodigieuse. Skin like a baby for days! I like to do it on active holidays because you just get so sore and it feels very velvety and comforting.
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  5. When we went skiing in Madonna Di Campiglio (Brenta Dolomites), I had to moisturize like crazy. I already have dry skin and being out all day at that altitude, in the cold made it worse.
    If I we go again, I would use a moisturizing sunscreen, and re-apply every hour while out, then a hydrating face mask overnight.
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  6. Yes so true! Did you Have any problems with skin going red as well? Cold weather does that to me / Rudolph the red nosed reindeer !:cool:
  7. Sure. Just meant that this year the sin seems to be hitting really hard.
    I also have dry skin, and for extreme conditions, particilarly when combining dryness with sun damage, I think few things work better than rose hip seed oil, cold pressed and organic
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  8. YES!! I flushed like crazy. I also have very sensitive skin so that didn't help.
    Recently I was diagnosed with Rosacea- wondering if I had it then too. If so, it definitely contributed to the redness from the cold.

    eta: I'm extremely jealous of your trip. Have a fab. time!
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  9. Alas I am already back. I wrote on my blog about my beauty routine and what products I used, but very keen to learn from others. One of the girls there had the most amazing beauty routine ever, involving serums for various body parts, not just face. Mine is relatively simple but I also like to use the steam room for a hair masque
  10. Iam gonna get some of this pronto! Do you recommend any particular brand?
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  11. I buy mine in Spain. Usually from Marny's as they have very high purity and are made with 'rosa mosqueta' (sweet briar rose?) varieties. Another one is Repavar, which offer it in 100% purity. In Spain it is customarily prescribed to treat serious burn or surgery scars. But I don't know how easy these brands are to find elsewhere...
    I believe The Ordinary do a cold-pressed rose hip oil, but not sure which type of rose or the purity.
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  12. for harsh winter skin this has been my holy grail routine that has prevented me from getting dry skin this year:
    Cleanse with Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser twice daily
    Morning: Caudalie Vino serum, followed by Tatcha Dewy Skin cream, Laneige lip mask, BareMinerals Complexion Rescue which has spf 30
    Night: cleanse face with Glossier milky jelly again, same Caudalie serum, Tatcha Dewy Skin cream again, along with Sunday Riley Luna oil all over my face (recently switched to their Juno oil because I'm pregnant), neck and decolletage, Laneige lip mask before bed as well.
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  13. This sounds very very nice interesting regime. Thank you! I wonder what are the active ingredients in the lip mask and the Tatcha cream. If you have a photo of the packaging it usually lists the ingredients. I try to avoid anything tested on animals as well.
  14. Next time round I will stock up on rose hip oil- though I have to say nothing beats a professional massage afterwards.
  15. The Laneige lip mask is an HG of mine. It's incredible how well it works. Wake up with the softest lips.
    Unfortunately, the other Laneige masks (for face and eyes) are not nearly as good.
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