beauty rituals while travelling?

  1. Ok so im always reading articles in magazines about things you should do when you're flying, such as applying certain masks moisturisers etc. Or even carrying scented candles for your hotel room.

    I personally dont have any except for applying lip balm and hand cream as necessary, I know they all say to drink lots of water while flying so as to not dehydrate your skin, but I try not to drink too much because I dont want to be going back and forth to the toilet (even if i fly first class i dont want to spend time in there!)

    So I was wondering do any of you have any specific beauty rituals or things that you do prior to flying, on the plane and while travelling ?
  2. I pretty much do the same things as you. I don't apply any masks or anything.
  3. in the aircraft, i wash my face prior landing and use moisturizer. on the first night of traveling, i will buy vanilla yogurt (in cream form) and apply it as mask for about 30mins. that way i will look refresh for the trip. if the weather is dry where i'm travelling, i will continue with yogurt mask for few more nights.
  4. I always carry thermal water spray to spritz on my face while flying, because the air is always so dry on planes :yucky:
  5. i always remove my makeup and cover my face in elizabeth ardens 8 hour cream if its a long flight. i keep my hands moisturised too. then about an hour before i land i wash my face and put a little makeup on.
  6. I always have lotion handy on the plane because my skin becomes soo dry-thats about it!
  7. Oh yes, I'm hilarious when I'm flying.

    MAC Cleansing wipes to remove any dirt and grime.
    Shu Uemura Deep Sea water Spray in Lavender to hydrate and tone.
    Pat dry using a tissue.
    Slather on Laura Mercier Hydro-soothing mask and leave till almost dry.
    Remove with MAC Cleansing wipes.
    Spray with the Shu Uemura water to tone.
    Apply a thick moisturizer.
    Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream is an essential for lips
    Hand cream - either Clarins or Kiehl's.

    (and a little YSL touche eclat before landing)
  8. i need to sit next to you on a flight. im the same and i always end up with some fat old man next to me who looks at me like im mad. especially when i change into my comfortable clothes after take off.:p
  9. I like the idea of having something refreshing (toner?) to spray on. I'll have to try that next time
  10. dr haushka do a great toner spray
  11. i just take sleeping pills so i can get my beauty sleep on the plane... whenever i fly, i'm in the plane for like 10+ hours so i'd rather just pass out.
  12. When I travel to Europe, I like to take an overnight flight so I can sleep as many hours as possible. Who needs to be awake while playing the closely-packed sardine role?

    I take one Halcyon pill (a non-addictive, non-drousy sleeping pill) and some calcium/magnesium pills to help me sleep. I board wearing comfy clothes.

    Before sleep I drink lots of water and use a Daily Facial towellette followed by a great moisturizer. I employ a face mask and ear plugs to discourage neighborly chats. (I hate chit chat with people I don't know!)

    I also take one decongestant pill like Benadryl after boarding to avoid having my ears hurt and to help me sleep. I am also allergic to some perfumes, so the Benadryl helps with that.

    Before landing, I wash my face with another Daily Facial. Then apply moisturizer and makeup. Plus I brush my teeth.

    I put hair pins in my purse so I can fix my hair into a French Twist before landing.

    If someone is picking me up at the airport, I change into nice clothes just before arrival.

    I know this sounds drugged. But I am sober and far better off upon landing than if I had enjoyed champagne!
  13. Oh that sounds good. I wish I could sleep on a plane, I always end up being half-asleep -half awake which ends up with me being cranky.

    I agree about the toner/refresher, I have Shu Uemura's deep sea water in rose, I think i'll use it the next time i fly. Maybe I should even consider a different moisturiser to use while im flying, maybe something a little more soothing and calming?
  14. I don't do anything other than be sure I have lip balm and hand cream with me - which I always do anyway.
  15. ugh me too :sad: i hate it!