Beauty Purchase Confessional

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  1. This week I purchased:

    Mac Prep & Prime
    2 Mac Lipsticks in Deep Love
    Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15
    I ordered Model in a Bottle.
    and Almay eye make up remover.

    What have you purchased lately ?
  2. I got the GOSmile daily kit, LORAC cheek stain, and bare escentuals eye shadow
  3. I bought Chanel quad eyeshadow kit in very pretty shades of purple. I'm glad I splurged on it. The powder is so silky and goes on smoothly. It doesn't crease as badly as others I have.

    Has anyone had any luck finding a good eyeshadow base? I've never found one that kept my shadow from creasing after a few hours.
  4. I love summer.. it always means new makeup!! This week I bought:

    MAC lipglass in clear & Oh baby
    MAC mascara in Zoomlash
    Cargo bronzer in dark
    Cargo lipgloss duo in Soho
    Goldie lipgloss in Nylon and Brownie from Bath & Body Works
    Patricia Wexler Lip Plumper also from Bath & Body
  5. I didn't by any cosmetics this week (how sad).
  6. Have you tried the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer? It's called "Primer Potion." I think it works REALLY well...
  7. I bought:

    1) Chanel's Ombre D'Eau in Bayou--it's a liquid eyeshadow
    2) Pout Apricot Totty blush
    3) Awake Clear Gel Wash

    I think that's it...
  8. i bought the last three tubes of frederic fekkai curl cream that i could find on this planet. i had to go to bloomingdales and two bath and body works before i found a place that had any in stock, and i bought all they had. it's the only stuff that makes my hair look like i want it to, and i was completely out (and so, apparently, was everyone else!)

    and i bought some mac stuff last week: an blue-silver limited edition eyeshadow (it's called idol eyes and i LOVE it), a lipglass, and some super-black mascara
  9. Bobbi Brown Fall 2006 Chocolate Eye Shadow Palette
    (I've never used any BB products before...I hope I like the eye shadows!)
  10. I think every season deserves new makeup!

    I've been eyeing the Patricia Wexler Lip Plumper. Has it made your lips bigger? I like the FusionXL lip plumper.
  11. ^^ I didn't notice a huge change so I wasn't too impressed with it at all. But Bath and Body Works was running a special on it for $5 so I couldn't resist trying it :amuse:
  12. Chanel Glossimer in 'Summer Plum' and Chanel Hydrabase lipstick in 'Perplex'.
  13. i only bought vicariously this week. i went with a good friend to buy all her wedding makeup (she got a mac makeover and bought 90% of what they used). it is the first time in our 8 year friendship that a) she wore more makeup than me for an afternoon and b) spent more money on makeup than i did. :smile:

    i bought some ojon hair treatment though. it's fab. :smile:
  14. OK! I bought some C.O. Bigelow Almond Oil lip treatment (since my dog has torn up like 4 B&BWorks tubes).
  15. This week, I bought a NYC eyeliner. I thought it was flat black, but it has glitter in it so I'll have to return it. Boo.