Beauty products you couldn't stop thinking about!

  1. So I went to the mall yesterday, I know I read on one of the threads here recently about Chanel's Blanc Ceramic. I decided to go to the Chanel makeup counter in Dillard's, to try and check it out. Saw it, tried it, LOVED IT! And I was in luck, it was the LAST bottle! :yahoo:

    While the SA was showing me the Blanc Ceramic, she pulled out Noir Ceramic. For the time being, I had decided to go with the white. After I left the store, I could not stop thinking about Noir Ceramic though!

    So of course, I went back to the mall today to pick it up! :roflmfao:

    Sure there are purses we just can't get off our minds, but what about your beauty products you saw, thought about, and HAD to just go back to pick up?
  2. I keep thinking about Smashbox's O-Glow although I've heard mixed reviews about it. I also want to try Benefit's Perfect 10 (bronzer & blush mixed). I also need a new body scrub and I keep thinking about this Cake Beauty stuff I saw yesterday but didn't buy.
  3. i keep thinking about more dior lipgloss....i have some in this bright deep red that i LOVE but now i want something a little lighter in a natural shade. i forsee a trip to sephora soon!
  4. Neutrogena sunscreen with spf45 helioplex. I saw it in a magazine, then immediately went to my local drug store to get some. I need to protect my skin!
  5. I've been dying to get some Bare Escentuals stuff. Ever since I read about how good it is here I can't get it off my mind. Hopefully I'll make my SO drive me the full 5hrs to the nearest Sephora soon!
  6. A friend who has beautiful, healthy nails told me about this system called "prostrong" she bought from qvc. I've tried everything to have that clean, healthy nail look from drugstore brands to lipmann and barielle treatment products. But I actually keep thinking about her nails and caved and joined qvc and got the product.
  7. I was in Bath and Body Works the other day, and started playing around with the AWAKE makeup. I was really loving the loose powder, and undereye concealor. I am really thinking about buying it.

    Has anyone tried this line?
  8. I am desperate to get some Revive products...since I tried their eye cream and went ga ga for...I need more but cant afford the $$$$$...ughhhhh
  9. I was pampered at the sisley counter at Sak's and got a bunch of samples. Now I am thinking of getting more sisley products but they are so expensive!
  10. I have a serious lip gloss problem! I have wayyyy too many that I rarely get around to finishing. I am always eyeing the Chanel ones and Lancome's, and I am constantly looking for new ones to try!
  11. thats so funny OP im wearing blanc ceramic on my nails and noir ceramic on my toes!! teehee
  12. I saw Bliss' Sleeping Peel Serum the other day, and I got so obsessed with it, I went all the way to Harvey Nichols to buy it! I love it. Smooth, even skin, and my acne scars are starting to fade...slowly, but surely.
  13. When I first eyed the guerlain/pucci items I knew I had to have them. I wanted and purchased the brush, eye kit, powder and blush.
  14. Nivea Good bye Cellulite Gel Cream...I finally found it after chkg 4 pharmacies...they're sold out everywhere so I bought two boxes
  15. hi somebody posted on this thread about benefit perfect 10. I have it and it's ok but nothing spectacular. It's a bronzer and highlighter in one, half bronze and half a pinky/creamish shimmery sorta colour. Bobbi brown shimmer bricks are really nice not sure if anybody has tried them