Beauty Pageants

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How do you feel about Beauty Pageants?

  1. I don't care for them.

  2. I enjoy them! Think they are great.

  3. I've never competed in a pageant.

  4. I have competed in pageant/s.

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  1. MODS - If this thread already exists, please post a link to it and close this one - thanks!

    How do you guys feel about "beauty" pageants like Miss USA or Miss Universe, etc?

    I'm only referring to adult ones not kiddy ones (thats a whole other thread).
    I think the thing I really don't like is the use of the word "beauty". Human beings will always be drawn to superficial attractiveness but for these pageants to declare what exactly an ideal "beautiful" woman is, is just ludicrous IMO. To me, beauty encompasses so many elements that don't always include being physically attractive. Because of similar public criticism, pageants claim to care more now about education and moral substance - but I don't buy it. I still seem the same Barbie-doll contestants - I know they always made me feel sub-par and inadequate when I was growing up and if I ever have a daughter I would not want her to ever feel that way. These pageants set a standard that most women cannot live up to. I think even if you are blessed with that kind of "pageant" attractiveness you still end up feeling like you don't measure up to everyone else? Its such a vicious cycle isn't it? They should rename them "Physically Attractive Pageants".

    I'm also curious to hear if anyone has ever been in a pageant and what the experience was like.:yes:
  2. I's just eye candy - how many of those contestants really do anything socially aware or worthwhile anyway?
  3. The pageants I was in were when I was younger-- most recently, Miss CHS (my senior year of high school). I was first runner up, and my best friend was crowned Miss CHS. I was skeptical about the whole thing but it was one of those "all the popular kids did it" and so I did. Miranda, my BFF, was prom queen and such so I wasn't surprised when she got it. I was on homecoming court so parading around in fancy dresses acting silly was nothing new, but I think I was expecting more than I got.

    I was expecting some kind of enlightening, enriching experience and what I got wasn't that at all. It was pretty silly, really. Thank God there was no swimsuit competition! I'd have said hell no because I think that part is just dumb.

    There were a couple of not-so-physically attractive girls in the pageant and one of them was named Miss Congeniality, but I felt like they had a lot of traits lacking in the girls that made it to the finals, including myself and my best friend! Traits that MATTER in the real world, not just a pretty face, good figure and the ability to walk in heels-- all traits which fade with time.

    All in all, it was several hours of my life that I'll never get back.....
  4. HELP! I need a mod! I didn't know we couldn't check more than one answer in the poll. Can the poll be divided into 2 questions? sorry gals.
  5. well, at least it was fun, no? One of my BFF in high school was also Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen, etc. you name it, if there was some link to beauty and popularity, she was it. Living in her shadow really sucked! Probably one of the reasons I'm not too crazy about these kind of things now that I think about it....
  6. It was fun, yes. Amusing.

    Thankfully Miranda was such a sweetheart that I didn't have to live in her shadow-- there was a crew of 5 or 6 of us that ran around together and we always had a great time and were never in competition with each other. Probably because I went to such a small school :smile: None of us were cheerleaders in senior high either! LOL... the cheerleaders were all the skanks and they weren't popular, which was very funny to me.

    But yeah there were parts of the pageant that were fun. The one on one interviews with the judge were cool, and gossiping backstage, changing clothes, and dancing with my girlfriends: those things were fun. Feeling like a bug under a microscope? Notsomuch.
  7. we were cheerleaders. we weren't skanks though. just alcoholics! :roflmfao:

  8. ^^LOL! We had that covered.

    Half of our cheerleaders were pregnant. It was crazy.
  9. Pageants do set an unrealistic standard of beauty, but so do models, magazines and the fashion industry in general.

    There are two types of beauty: unrealistic beauty and realistic beauty. The beauty queens and the models fall into the unrealistic beauty / freaks of nature category. Everyone else falls in the realistic beauty category.

  10. I recently participated in the Jr. Miss Pageant Program. Currently hold my city's title - worked my butt off for the state pageant and did sooo well. I'm very proud of my self and know I can accomplish anything!

    In preparing for it, the pageant brought my family together. We had so much fun - it was great - and since I still hold the title, I get to read to elementary schools, go in parades, and other fun volunteer stuff. CRAZY, BUSY, HECTIC, but GREAT EXPERIENCE!!
  11. To me, it is just entertainment to watch and I do not take them seriously. However, I dislike pageants with young children involved, because I feel it is too much pressure on a child... don't really want to go down that road, right now, though! I watched Miss Universe last night and it was fun to watch, and that's as far as it goes for me!
  12. I joined a couple of pageants back in my teen years. It was all for fun, really. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as you're not forced to do it. Like the children pageants. It's painful looking at those young girls trained for hours.. instead of playing with their peers.
  13. i don't really care. i think it's just one of the event to promote products such as beauty products.
    and i think a big pageant like miss universe, miss world or whatever they are contained politic issues here and there.
  14. I did pageants, and I think they are great way to get scholarship money. However, I always thought it was pretty sad that the largest source of scholarship money for women was the pageant industry. They can call them "scholarship pageants" all they want, but winning is still mainly based on looks. I just wish the companies that donate scholarship money to pageants would use the money for academic scholarships instead. It sends a much better message to young women.
  15. ^ hm, I didn't know they are a source for getting education money.... although that makes it a bit better, it is sad that who gets money will be based on looks.

    I frankly find it the presence they are given such a sad statement about our society: so adhering to be like these girls is the message, while they could be as dumb as.... oh, I do'nt know. whatever happened to really accomplished women (given that we talk about pageants) that people look up to? is it really so important how one looks in a bathing suit? same goes for all the other industries of course. I like to look at beautiful people by whatever standards but I would much prefer to talk about some real accomplishment at some point.
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