Beauty or Comfort?

  1. I'm sure you have been in a situation where you had to choose between between a Coach bag that is really beautiful but heavy and a lightweight one that is simpler and less stunning. Just curious, which often wins in the end--beauty or comfort? For me, there were times when comfort prevailed but I was dissatisfied and still kept on pining for the one I didn't get.
  2. I'd have to say comfort only because no matter how beautiful it is, if I hurt myself when carrying it it just isn't worth it!
  3. It has to be both for me. If it's less than stunning, I will pass and wait for the next bag to catch my eye. Which is the great thing about won't have to wait long!
  4. It is never ever about comfort for in point...I own the Lily, the Miranda, and the Mandy...all very heavy bags. I also own the legacy slim tote, Ali, and legacy '06 satchel...none of these bags are very light...But to me, a bag has to take my breath away or I won't buy it. So beauty over comfort every time for me! I think I just fall so deeply in love with my bags that I tend to "overlook" the fact that they are probably ruining my posture! :rolleyes:
  5. I've bought for both, but the ones I tend to keep end up being the more comfortable ones. I really love my legacy bags but don't always use them as everyday bags--I pick up my tylies or my ergo bags for that.

    I still buy bags that are beautiful but I also want to use them as much as possible so I have 'everyday' bags (comfort) and LOVE IT bags (legacy).

    I do think my large embossed carryall fits both categories!
  6. I would say BOTH!!! I just bought the chocolate leather Carly and when I take her shopping for long periods of time she does start to feel heavy and she slips off my shoulder alot! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE her, and I think in the cold winter w/ my heavy winter coat she wont slip off as much!!!! Yesterday I bought the chocolate signature ERGO hobo b/c she is LIGHTWEIGHT and cute, yet functional enough for everyday use, no matter where I go or what I am doing! I think it's great to have bags you love, even if they are heavy and you cant wear them everyday, but you also need a bag that is lightweight and functional!!! GREAT thread!!! And I LOVE your new belted ERGO!!! That bag ROCKS!!!! Great pick, Brandless!!! :tup:
  7. I used to buy for beauty, but my back started hurting so badly that I had to stop carrying the heavy bags and switch to smaller, lightweight ones. Now, whenever I'm tempted to get a heavy bag, I stop and remind myself that it's not work crippling myself to look beautiful - I do that enough with my shoes!!!
  8. I say both, but I think that in the long run comfort is more important. For me, if it's uncomfortable I won't use it that often, and then it's just a waste of money to buy something I don't use.
  9. Comfortable that is why I picked the hampton over the ergo. The ergo did not feel right while the hampton is so lightweight I forget that I even have a purse on. I love that feeling.
  10. Thanks Mommyville! Unfortunately, I think I will only be able to get a lot of use from it once I start wearing fall and winter jackets. Like your Carly, the straps tend to slip off my shoulders. I tried the bag on with a jacket on and I had no problem with the straps at all. I don't blame you for seeking out an Ergo hobo.
  11. Which Hampton did you get? I didn't know it was even lighter than the Ergo! That would be super comfy!
  12. Thanks, Brandless! I am hoping that once I start wearing my winter jackets that Carly wont fall off my shoulder sooooo much too!!! The good thing about the Ergo hobo is that I can wear her w/ or w/o a coat and she doesnt fall off my shoulder AT ALL!!! And I forget she is ON my shoulder, which is a plus to me!!! It was funny today b/c I went shopping and kept checking to make sure someone didnt steal her off of me b/c I didnt feel her on my shoulder!!!!! LOLOL :roflmfao:
  13. I think its possible to have both. If a bag feels too heavy in the store I know it will be too much for me to enjoy with all my stuff in it.
  14. both!!! if i had to pick, beauty!!
  15. Both. I won't settle for less. If it's beautiful but too heavy, it's not the right one for me. If it's comfortable as hell but doesn't capture my heart, it's not the right one.