Beauty news worth sharing (for Botox and Restylene users)

  1. WOW!!! What a day I had yesterday!! I have gone to the same plastic surgeon for 4 years...for all botox, rest. my eye surgery...etc...I love him. However, Im in Key west and he is in Chicago. I usually make back there about every 3 months..but not this month and I was OVER DUE for a touch up! So after researching my area I found a new doctor in town. I was scared, nervous, but hopeful all would go I went in yesterday and he gave me the works. The local was painful as all hell (as always) and I was numb all damn day and my lips were swollen (normal) however, today I am SO SO SO happy!!! I had to share...(no pics, maybe later...Im still in my Pj's):shame:
  2. ^^^
    Sunshine, please do share the pics. We wanna see the good doctor's craft!
  3. Yay!! I am so happy for you, that was such a long haul to do. I have been doing the Botox thing only recently and I just got Juvederm done in my lips and I love it as well. I don't know what I would do if my PS was as far away as yours was :p
  4. Sunshine, I hope all went well for you. May I ask how old are you? I thought you were pretty young and wouldn't need all that work. I would love to see before and afters.
  5. Honey Im 38 (might as well say 39...bday in a few weeks) and look 45...(MAJOR sun abuse!!) I have been doing this for years now, the thing that excited me the most is finding someone local...and he did a FAB job!! I do not think I have any before pics!! Only after...older and after!! lol
  6. You are young and say you have been doing it for years? Wow. I guess people are doing it younger and younger. I usually think of people over say 45 or 50 going for some work. But you know what? If it makes you feel better and happy, more power to you. I bet you stay out of the sun now! I am so scared of plastic surgery but if I wasn't I would be a poster child for it.
  7. you know...I have not had a face lift or anything like that...pretty much non invasive things thus far...but I think its very addicting..I see people addicted to drugs, tatoos, me its all the same...HOWEVER, this is the only area in my life I have balance, meaning I do it when Im supposed to (the suggested time frame to refill) like getting really does make me happy.
  8. post pics! i was thinking about getting some injection in my upper lip because when i smile it goes away. i wanted to see some people that weren't advertisements on a website, so this will definitely help! :biggrin:
  9. Yeah Sunshine! I haven't done botox yet but I think I am going to start ths year. Do you get it around your eyes!?! I love restalyne! I am due as well! HMMMM.... LOL
  10. Yes, I would love to see pics too! I've gotten botox twice and am very happy with the results. (I'm 48) I just got letter stating he is leaving and I will get a new doc. I'm kind of glad though as I thought they were pretty pricy at $470/session.
  11. Hey good for you! As my doctor says, you do maintence on a car right!
    I'm going for my third time today. Mine last about 6 mo, which unfortunately will probably change once my body gets used to it. I pay $650 each time. I don't feel you can trust just anyone to do this. Especially those eye doctors who took a weekend class & charge $100.00 a vial.
  12. Any pics yet? Sunshine when did you start getting proceedures if you don't mind me asking?
  13. I have abused my face with the sun too, I would love to see some pics please
  14. Sunshine, I've been doing botox for the last 2 years and thinking about a filler around my mouth. I'm very fair with sun damage. I love my botox results. I'm 43 and trying to keep a 36ish look!

    I've researched juvaderm and restalyne. Very nervous about trying either. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts!
  15. Sunshine, glad you found someone you can work with in your own area. I think life will become less complicated now that you don't have to worry about getting back to Chicago on a regular basis.

    I, too, get Botox and Restylane faithfully and when I changed doctors I was nervous. But happily, I was even more pleased than I was with the original physician and it was the start of a long and successful series of treatments. I feel so much better about myself b/c my skin is pretty. It added pounds of self-confidence to me and yet took away years.