Beauty New Year's Resolutions....Have you Kept yours?


Mar 27, 2006
Bay Area
I know every year we all make our new year resolutions from eating better, to exercising to saving money. This year my new year's resolutions are:

1~Stop buying products that are tested on animals.
2~ Use up a product before buying a new one.
3~ The usual exercise more

So far, so good, I have not bought a new beauty product on 09' so far! And I've done a lot of research on companies that do and do not test on animals. Thankfully most of the stuff I use isn't tested on animals, but I do need a new day cream, shampoo and conditioner.

So how are you doing with your beauty new year's resolutions?
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hello kitty
Oct 19, 2008
Here are my beauty resolutions:

1. Finish all almost-empty products. (I have been doing good with this I have about 2 lipglosses left to finish and I am only using those glosses until they are empty)

2. Exfoliate once a week. (So far, so good!)

3. Keep my train case organized! (I have been doing OK with this, it does need to be organized again, though.)

4. Don't buy products that are animal-tested, and if possible opt for eco-friendly. (Also, so far, so good)

5. Finish all half-used shampoo/conditioners. (I'm trying my best to get this one done asap, but I can't wash my hair more than once a day:P)

6. Stock up on LUSH! This year is going to be very stressful/hectic for me, and LUSH soaps seem to help me feel relaxed in the morning:yes:

Wow, that was alot! Whew.... oh and of course the usual excercise at least 3x/day and eating healthy. I need to work more on that one:s


Jul 10, 2008
You girls are good! Here are mine:

1. Be less lazy about makeup. I love buying it and own a ton, but I have a tendency to get lazy in the mornings and end up slapping on minimal makeup, and only going to any real effort for an evening out. I'm making an effort to wear my best face every day and actually use all those products I buy.

2. Be more overall stylish. Again, I have a tendency to lapse into "lazy sweatpants" mode when I need to be more focused on trying to look nice. I wear makeup and style my hair daily, but I need to work more on accessorizing and updating my wardrobe more.

3. I really need to adopt the mantra of using up the half-finished products before I buy something new. I started the frugal thread over in the money section, so you would think I'd be into this... but I bet I have 15 half used bottles of body wash in the cabinet, and I'll still buy more.


Nov 19, 2006
Rhode Island
My resolution is to get more makeup. I usually feel I have to use it all before purchasing new stuff but TBH, It's getting old! I can't wait to hit the Mac/Chanel counters.


Shopping Issues
Mar 2, 2007
tPF rocks my stripey socks!
I have never kept a resolution :tdown: It's so demoralizing because I fail at this year after year. Maybe I'll try again this year.

1. Quit smoking
3. Reign in my make up spending
4. Lose 15 pounds
5. Stop being lazy about makeup.

I think that's it. I've already messed up. I spent over $200 on MAC's BBR collection (LOVE IT). I'm hoping I really hate Hello Kitty.
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May 1, 2007
My Beauty resolutions were to:
1) Be diligent about washing my face twice a day
2) Keep up with my skincare regimen
3) Drink more water/tea
4) Exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes or more

So far 1 and 2 have been good..3 and 4 not so much :nogood:
1. drink more water
2. exercise more- currently I exercise 4x per week but I need to increase it to at least five.
3. improve the health of my hair... it's damaged from sulfates and silicones... I've stopped using both and I've stopped heat styling it.
4. lose 25 pounds
5. eat better.

So far, so good...

Little Tiger

Dec 10, 2007
Mine were to:
  • Start dry skin brushing (yes)
  • Drink more water and herbal tea (yes)
  • Start exercising (...not yet!)
  • Follow a healthier eating pattern (yes)
  • Be ruthless about throwing away beauty things I haven't used in a while (started, but could certainly throw away a lot more)
  • Always remember to take supplements (had a two day blip, but am now back on track!)
  • Buy a few products I'm interested in (ahhh, the easy bit)
Let's hope we all persevere! :yes:


Bag obsessed! <3
Nov 13, 2006
California, USA
Mine are:

-Drink more water!
-Exercise and be more physically active.
-Use up a beauty product before buying a new one. (I have so many half-used bottles of hair and skin products under my sink, and it's taking up so much room!)

So far, I'm doing pretty well with my resolutions. :yes:


You can call me Jenn
Feb 11, 2008
Mine are first the normal eating healthier and exercising more - doing pretty well on the food, not so great on the exercise.

Beauty-wise, I want to use some more things up. It's not a definite to refrain from buying until I use up, but the satisfaction of finishing something is so great that I want to do it more. And buy less as a means to using up things more frequently.
Nov 2, 2007
I don't make resolutions, but here are some things I wanna start doing.

- De-pot most of my MAC eyeshadows.
- Buy 2 of every l/e eyeshadow (so I don't run out) and I can have l/e palettes and so they fit in with their family of colors.
- De-pot some of my blushes
- Stop buying random colors of eyeshadows/lipsticks etc.


<3 life
Aug 20, 2007
I resolve to:

- drink more water
- eat better and exercise more
- actually do my makeup every morning and not get lazy
- do NOT cut my hair off again - let it grow!
- be careful about makeup purchases - don't just buy just to buy, buy what you will use (this is a tough one for me)

So far, so good...


Sep 15, 2007
:biggrin: It was nice to read everyone's new year resolutions! Mine are pretty much the same...

- stop being lazy about make up.. I tend to sleep in and be in a rush and end up with no make up on my face lol... so I'm gona try to get up earlier in the morning!

- throw out make up that has gone bad even if I haven't finished using it... I'm good at this! lol.. means I can buy more make up! lol

- Aim to buy make up that I use and not just to look at.... cuz they are pretty! lol

:biggrin: Let 2009 be my lazy-free make up year! lol