Beauty Lock Flap Bag,, to keep or not to keep?

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  1. So what do y"all think of this bag? Just got her this week, however, am not sure if I want to keep her[emoji17], I feel bad about returning it, knowing my SA went the extra mile trying to locate one for me, but I dont want her to end up just sitting in my closet[emoji5]️ your opinion will be appreciated[emoji8] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460507876.992586.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460507890.519422.jpg
  2. I personally don't care for the Beauty Lock Bags. If you already feel that you won't use it then return it. Never feel bad for returning something that doesn't work for you especially at this price point! Return and wait for something you LOVE to come along! ;)
  3. It's a beautiful bag but I have a rule that if I'm not sure about something, chances are I'm not completely in love with it and should return it. From my experience, if there is a fear that it will just sit in your closet it usually does...but that's just me! GL deciding!

  4. That's exactly how I've been feeling..thanks for convincing me that it's okay to return it if I am not happy with the purchase... i will have to make that phone call to my SA telling her I have decided to send it back..that part will not be favorite part for sure[emoji17]
  5. Just keep it simple! No need to explain yourself, simply say its not for me but thank you for all your effort in finding it for me.

  6. It sure is, although I am not too crazy about plexiglass closure, it's unique, however, I prefer the classic clasp..thanks for your input, I am sending her back tomorrow[emoji4]

  7. I sure will..thanks for making me feel less guilty[emoji8]
  8. Take it back for return through another SA if you feel bad for your SA. Just walk in store and ask the first SA you see
  9. unfortunately, I dealt with an SA in different state since we no longer have a Saks store in our city, we used to though:yes:, now we are left only with their Off 5th stores, I wonder if I could do a return at their off 5th store:thinking:...otherwise I will have to send it back to the Saks where the bag got sent from, which was from a different state:shucks:
  10. No you can't return it to an Off 5th store so you'll just have to send it back which for you will make it easier; you won't need to explain simply return.
  11. yeah, I already contacted my SA and she is okay with the return, I am heading out to drop off the package at Fedex as we speak:smile:, thanks for your advise:smile:
  12. So you're shipping back FedEx? I went to FedEx & they would only let me insure for $1,000. Were you able to Insure for the value of the handbag? The only place I've found to insure up to $5,000 is USPS. (Directly through my own account)

    Just wondering...:whistle:

    Any info is greatly appreciated!

  13. Hi:smile:, yes, I was.. I used the return label provided in the packaging.. there is another piece of label to which my SA also asked me to specifically write down the name of the SA who rang me up last time ,that way the bag is not just going to sit in the back room for God knows how long, right?:sweatdrop: So I didn't even bother buying insurance for it, I am just crossing my fingers for it get it delivered in two days;)
  14. That's the answer. I'm sure they have it insured for the full purchase price on their return label. When you're a business, you carry this coverage overall, probably like an Umbrella Policy. I know my business does.
  15. Agree:tup:
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