beauty information overload

  1. you girls are so great with all your advice that by the end of reading the answers to all my threads I dunno which product to go with! I am so stumped about my hair its ridiculous. I think I know what I want but then I read a review or think I see something that might work better ( thanks to those that have turned me on to
    II wish I had the money to splurge on of these products but I dont. I THINK I am going with Garnier leave in , and Paul Mitchells skinny serum for my ends but I am looking for a straightening product I can use on my whole head wet. For touch ups I am gonna use TIGI after party. I was looking at Kiehls products. Ugh this whole thing gives me a head ache. Either that or I need a whole system. I wish I had a staple!:confused1:
  2. If you're looking for some more inexpensive options, I really like L'Oreal Nutri Gloss shampoo and Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner is AMAZING (better than all the expensive ones I've tried).

    Also, if you have an Ulta or a Walgreens nearby, check their clearance section for styling products-- I've gotten a bunch of Matrix and Tigi stuff for < $3! Good luck! :flowers:

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  3. For hair products, I recommend going to an Ulta if there is one around you. They are having an awesome sale on hair products - shampoo/conditioner/treatments, you name it!
  4. thanks, yeah im headed to sephora but i want to go with a list all ready.
  5. For good and pocket friendly products go with Aussie. I'm a devotee!
  6. I'm another devotee of aussie I love their products