**BEAUTY & FRAGRANCE - Special Offers!**


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May 25, 2006
New York City
Ulta just added some amazing deals, in addition to their BF deals. I think becca mineral blushes were 50% off iirc. It cosmetic for ulta brushes now 10.


Sep 29, 2006
Hi everyone,
When buying Beauty or Fragrance products I'm always looking for something extra :yes:
You know, GWP (Gift With Purchase), Free Shipping, Gift Sets (when value of the set is lower than if items purchased separately) etc. So I thought it'd be nice to share our most recent findings about special beauty offers (both in stores and online) here on tPF.

Please, let's make this tread as clean and as 'on the subject' as possible.
No comments here on beauty products likes or dislikes, questions, discussions, suggestions, etc. Pretty please. There are other threads for that.

When posting here remember to give all the essential information:
- type of the special offer / requirements
- where (which store or website)
- expiration date (!)

:confused1: If you have a question about someone's post simply PM them, please don't enter it here as a separate post. It'll be much easier for all of us this way, hope you agree.

Please tell others about this thread so we can have all the great Beauty Deals in one place.
I'll ask mods to make this thread as Sticky so it's always easy to find in the future (either under 'Deals & Steals' or 'The Beauty Bar'). If not, just subscribe and you'll be up to date too.

Remember, this thread is for Beauty & Fragrance Special Offers ONLY (no comments etc.) :tup:

Thank you all in advance!