**BEAUTY & FRAGRANCE - Special Offers!**

  1. Sephora
    Free King-Sized Sampler FOR HIM (13 pieces) with any $25 or more online purchase.


    Samples include:
    • Anthony Logistics For Men™ Pre-shave Oil, 0.17-fl. oz.
    • Calvin Klein euphoria men Eau de Toilette Spray, 0.05-fl. oz.
    • Giorgio Armani Attitude Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray, 0.05-fl. oz.
    • Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion, 0.33-fl. oz.
    • Jean Paul Gaultier LE MALE Eau de Toilette Spray, 0.04-fl. oz.
    • Juicy Couture Dirty English Eau de Toilette Spray, 0.05-fl. oz.
    • Lab Series Skincare for Men Daily Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 15, 0.05-fl. oz.
    • Lab Series Skincare for Men Multi-Action Face Wash, 0.06-fl. oz.
    • Lacoste Elegance Eau de Toilette Spray, 0.06-fl. oz.
    • Marc Jacobs Men Eau de Toilette Spray, 0.04-fl. oz.
    • Prada Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray, 0.05-fl. oz.
    • Tend Skin Liquid, 0.25-fl. oz.
    • Zirh Clean Alpha-Hydroxy Face Wash, 0.1-fl. oz.
    Enter promotion code FORHIM during checkout
    Expiration date - while supply lasts
    *Sephora reserves the right to change this offer at any time. Substitutions may occur.

    Click attachments to see pics.
    2008 06 03 Sephora ForHim b.jpg 2008 06 03 Sephora ForHim a.jpg

  2. Is this deal limited to only a certain number of products? I purchased several MAC products for $130 bucks last Monday and I never got any gift. I purchased it from the actual store not online. I asked Nordstroms today how come I never got the gift and they said it doesn't apply to MAC products.
  3. beebee602 - I don't know about the store, but I just put a $100 worth of MAC in my Nordstrom shopping cart and it added the gift.
  4. This promo started Tuesday, June 2; MAC (and all others) qualify. I don't know why they told you differently? I just did experiment and put some MACs into the basket (including brushes!) and the Gift was added. If you're close to Nordstrom and really want the gift, just return the previous purchase and buy everything again ;) (or buy first if you already used the other products and switch them with the previous receipt; I know, I'm bad lol)

    tPFers -> Please PM the author of a post if you have a question.
    I really think that this thread will be more helpful if we stick to posting just GWPs
    - so we don't have to scroll through page after page to find it.
    I know it's hard but I hope you agree with my POV.
    Thank You!
  5. I got my gift from Nordstrom yesterday. MAC is included. I didn't purchase any, but my girlfriend did and received her's as well. I would go see a manager.
  6. Thanks JackieG!

    I will next time, for now I don't have anymore questions. I wanted to try the gift and see if there is any worth purchasing. I will try to return my MAC products then buy them again. I haven't used any of them yet.
  7. 2008 06 06 BBW a.jpg 2008 06 06 BBW b.jpg 2008 06 06 BBW c.jpg 2008 06 06 BBW d.jpg
  8. I posted this already but probably in the wrong spot so I'll add it here. "Radio" gets you 50% up to $15 on www.eyeslipsface.com right now. Don't know when it expires.
  9. NM still has the La Mer GWP, but now the min purchase is $300. The GWP shows up in your shopping cart.
  10. La Mer.com has GWP as well, $300 purchase min.
    code EVENT
  11. 2008-06-09-BG-ANY-w-200-a.jpg 2008-06-09-BG-ANY-w-200-b.jpg
  12. Bergdorf Goodman online - in addition to Beauty Event ^ - more Beauty Special Offers (they can be combined!):


    La Mer w/ $300 La Mer purchase
    Chanel w/ $200 Chanel purchase
    Jo Malone w/ $150 Jo Malone purchase
    Laura Mercier w/ $100 Laura Mercier purchase
    Chantecaille w/ $200 Chantecaille purchase
    and more... :yahoo:
    no code necessary
    while supply lasts

    and Free Shipping with $150 purchase, code SHIPBG, expires 6/17

    click attachments to see pictures
    2008 06 09 BG LaMer w 300.jpg 2008 06 09 BG Chanel w 200.jpg 2008 06 09 BG JoMalone w 150.jpg 2008 06 09 BG LauraMercier w 100.jpg 2008 06 09 BG Chantecaille w 200.jpg