$10 off $25 + free shipping when you pay with Paypal

  1. Awesome! What a great coupon!
  2. FYI I just placed my order and apparently, even though it says that the promotion is applied, the amount isn't deducted. I called and they said that they've been having a problem with the promo code so they have to issue a refund of the $10 after the items ship.
  3. Works for me. Awesome! Thanks a lot.
  4. Thank you for posting, i just bought a few smell-good stuff:tup:
  5. is also having a friends & family promotion for 20% off - use this link. Limit 1 per household and valid for 1 day (11/7).
  6. Thanks!!!!!
  7. Thanks!
  8. i think its only $10 for $40 now.. still pretty good.
  9. Thanks for this. I just ordered some of my staple products.
  10. cool this is an awesome deal. thanks!
  11. ?? I just clicked on that link and it told me it was $10 off a $40 purchase.
  12. They must have changed it... when I ordered I was able to get it off of $25.