Beauty Case

  1. So I am thinking a beauty case for my new tote. Does the large one hold a lot?
    And which one, the tote is black and I could see the b/w igoing with a lot of stuff but that punch is really cute too.
    Any thoughts?
    beauty case.jpg beauty case 2.jpg
  2. I am all for color lately. I say go with the punch.
  3. I love the punch one! I have it, I still havent use it though! But the color is sooo much better irl!
  4. Here is a pic! I love it!

  5. punch punch punch!
  6. The large beauty case holds A LOT. I've got the signature stripe one in crimson. Inside it's got two slip pockets on one side and one on the other side the runs the length of the case, plus there are two little pockets at either end inside just below the zipper. I'll try and take some pictures of the inside of mine later if I have a chance.

    I love it but the only problem is that because it's so big, I can't carry it in all my bags, just in my really big work totes. I use it to hold all the random junk that I like to have with me, like flashdrives for school, package of kleenex, mini sewing kit and eyeglass repair kit, little mirror, comb, Swiss army knife, pads/tampons, bandaids, Tylenol, spare batteries, gum, mints, spare car keys, etc. etc. etc. so when I use a smaller bag, I switch the most important stuff to a smaller wristlet.
  7. PUNCH! I have punch and it's sooo pretty!
  8. Punch - that stripe of color says it all!
  9. I have the large beauty case in brown and I love it. It holds a ton. I wish that I didn't have it in brown so I could buy it in punch. It's too cute.
  10. The large holds alot. I use Chanel makeup and I carry a powder, blush, 3 lipglosses, mascara, eyelash curler, a brush and eyeshadow and I still have room.
  11. The b/w is cute, but I vote for the punch. Like Impsola, I have it, but have yet to use it.
  12. Here are some pictures of the inside of my large beauty case. For reference, the batteries in the side pocket are AAAs, and the green package in the middle is a travel-pack of Kleenex. I don't know if those are actually supposed to be pockets on either end but that's what I use them as.



    Crimson stripe large beauty case.jpg Crimson stripe beauty case inside 1.jpg Crimson stripe beauty case inside 2.jpg
  13. I have the smaller one in brown also and I love it.

  14. Thanks for the pics! I love the crimson.
  15. i have the smaller one in punch- and even that holds quite a bit!


    (i can fit my cell, small thing of hairspray, mints and gum, eye drops, girly items...and still have room)