Beauty Case & Contact Lens Case!

  1. I did it girls. I bought off eBay :wtf: LOL

    Yesterday I received the beauty case I'd been eyeing on eBay and the one so many of you helped me authenticate (thanks everyone!) and besides the weird fact that it came smelling like asian food (:shrugs:) I am so happy. Everything seems right -- the leather trim, the C's, the metal tab, the inside tag, stitching etc. Well, here she is (shes stuffed with COACH paper in this picture) --


    I also picked up a case for my contacts at the outlet, the leather smells so good --


    Group huddle! --


    I know, small stuff but I just wanted to share. It was kind of cool getting my very first positive feedback on eBay (I still despise eBay though, grr! LOL). I'm getting my new camera tomorrow (finally!) and I'm going to use the beauty case as a case for the camera. I'm so excited! After I get the camera I can go back to buying purses LOL :shame:
  2. Oooh, yay! Everything is so cute. I need to pick up one of those contact cases one of these days.
  3. So pretty. I :heart: the sky blue. I have a signature satchel, market tote, and checkbook wallet in it.
  4. :yahoo: Yay.. Both are cute!:yahoo:
  5. Thanks for sharing..I love the light blue color just gorgeous! I read group huddle & just started cracking up..:lol:
  6. LOL!!! Chinese food?? I've heard of lots of different ways to use the beauty case.. but food storage definitely hadn't made it to the list yet :lol: Have you tried febreezing it? Maybe that'll help?

    They're adorable!! I absolutely love the pool blue & white combination - so classy!
  7. LOL I know I was kind of like, why. .nevermind. I'm not even gonna ask. At least there are no grease stains! JK! Only the outside slightly smelled like asian cooking so I guess the home it came from they cook a lot LOL

    I just wiped it down with baby wipes (I'm so lazy, baby wipes has become my answer for everything LOL) and theres no febreeze in the house :sad: The smell has already subsided so thats good. I can almost only smell leather, lol.
  8. didn't even know they made a contact case. good for you!
  9. Congrats on the new buys! That will be such a cute camera case!
  10. Congrats!!! They look great!
  11. congrats!! cute colour! i was going to go buy that contacts case tomorrow, thinking either your tan or that apple green..
  12. Cute beauty case, I was thinking of getting one in black
  13. Congrats! Love the sky blue color.
  14. These babies are cute! Congrats gal
  15. They look to be in great shape. Congrats on your new purchases.