Beauty Buggers and Losers

  1. Post what you think is the biggest beauty faux-pas and we can see how many beauty crimes are being committed!! :graucho:

    For me, I think the biggest beauty faux-pas are:

    1.Orange self tan
    2.Lipstick on teeth
    3.Clumpy mascara
    4.Mismatched face colour and neck colour (ICK!!!)
    5.Greasy hair (puke)
  2. 6. super super dark brown/almost black lip liner and pale pink lipstick
    7. eyebrows drawn in where the natural ones have been shaved off
    8. round circles of blush on cheeks (yes, i actually know a college girl who wears her blush like this... clowns are not hot!)
  3. (1) cream eyeshadow that settles in the crease of the eye:yucky:
    (2) too thick concealer that settles into lines under the eye:sick:
    (3) oily skin that really shines:supacool:
    (4) red chipped nail polish:yucky:
    (5) thick black eyeliner applied all around the eyes:throwup:
    (6) "big" hair:roflmfao:
    (7) ill-fitting false eyelashes:roflmfao:
    (8) face piercings:wtf:
    (9) "wet look" hair
    (10) neon colored nail polish
  4. Ooooh, mismatched foundation, when the face is a different color from the neck. Yuck!

    Also, lip liner that's too dark...check out pictures of Eminem's ex wife to see what I mean :-P