Beauty Breakthrough? No Frizz by Living Proof

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    Your hair looks SO good Ronda - thanks for posting back with your thoughts! I'm about to place an order for the straight hair spray version because I usually blow-dry my hair straight. I will let yall know what I think about it! I've been using the Esuchen Rd that was posted about in another thread - it keeps my hair soft & silky (LOVE it!), but it doesnt help much with frizz near the crown of my head. Hopefully this product will do the trick.
  2. I just ordered the curly fine/medium hair product.. will post a review once it arrives.
  3. Rhonda - I ordered the straight version for medium to thick hair - it came with that and the wave shaping version. These are both creams, so perhaps the smell is only in the spray.

    My hair is on the fine side, but I have masses and masses of it! Haven't used the free one, but I used the straight version for the second time today - no frizz. I have curly hair - used to have beautiful ringlets, but in my advanced age :smile:, a lot of that turned to frizz, especially on the surface - underneath I have beautiful curls! I am currently thinking about letting my hair grow out a bit - when it's too short, the hair isn't long enough for the curls to complete, so it gets all "bent" if I let it dry on it's own. I'm looking forward to trying the wave shaping version when it gets a bit longer!

    I'm seriously thinking about ordering a second set!
  4. I can't wait to give this baby a try! I have tried so many products! I got a body wave last summer to avoid having to use the curling iron or straight iron and just because I wanted it to dry naturally....little did I think I'd end up with so much frizz. Found article on this stuff in allure mag and seen that others tried it and loved I am just thrilled to give it a shot!
  5. You ladies got me sold... I am going to place an order!
  6. Here are two photos -- one with the "curly" version and one with the "straight" version of No Frizz.



  7. Your hair looks great!! I just ordered some of the spray for fine, wavy hair. I really hope it works since there are some days I just don't feel like blow-drying my hair straight. Anything to save time, but still look good works for me!
  8. Craaaap another product that is calling my name!!! I won't do it!! I have no more room in my bathroom for anymore of this stuff that promises to make my hair shiey and frizz free!!!!! Noooo more!!!!!

    *dials number and orders three*
  9. A good friend of mine just purchased this recently and said it definitely repels frizz - However, instead of leaving her hair shiny and lustrous the way a silicone-based product would, her hair felt very dry.

    I'm a big fan of serums/silicone-based products. I like shine.
  10. Mine arrived today, yay. I also received two - one of the "straight making" no frizz styling cream and one of the "wave shaping, curl defining" no frizz styling cream.

    I'll try to get up early enough tomorrow to try the straight version.
  11. Re dryness: I haven't noticed that. My hair feels good, actually. Very silky. I use Deep Shine cream and sweep it through my hair after styling, though.
  12. Your hair looks great. I just read an article about this product in Allure. They make it sound very high tech and revolutionary. What's in it?
  13. rondafaye-- you look great in the pics!! thanks for the review!

    have not taken the plunge yet, but i'll try anything to combat frizz!! humid weather is the worst for my hair... summer's pretty much over, though... but still, it looks very promising.
  14. Early morning, post blow dry/style review of the Straight Making No Frizz Styling Cream. I used no other product other than Korres Serum Rice Protein for my very ends.

    Four paws up!! :okay:

    I have extremely "dense" thick hair, medium wave with curly "undercoat" (ringlets underneath if it dries naturally) - ultra poofy upon normal blow drying w/out product (think pyramid shape LOL). Right now it's about shoulder length blunt cut with multiple color high/lowlights.

    Leave-in straightening products for blow drying typically cut my poof down by half. This product cut THAT poof down by half AGAIN. So virtually no poof or frizz after blow drying.

    I used only a quarter size dollop for fear of gunking my hair up (though the tube says you can't use too much....). I may try just a smidge more next time.

    Not as much shine in my case as with silicone based products. I'm going to probably use a drop of shine today.

    My .02 for the day. :cutesy:
  15. ^ Thank you for the review ima (love your avatar, BTW)! I can't wait until my orders arrive (I ended up placing a second order, this time for the medium-thick cream). About how long does it take for the company to ship out the product?