Beauty brand L'Oreal Accused of 'whitewashing' Beyonce

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  1. [​IMG]

    Under the airbursh? Beyonce, left in a new L'Oreal campaign and right, as she normally appears

    When she was hired as the face of L'Oreal, Beyonce Knowles signed a contract pledging she would not make any 'radical changes' to her appearance.
    However, it seems the beauty giant made no such promises in return.

    The 27-year-old singer, whose father is African-American and whose mother is Creole, appears in L'Oreal's latest campaign with pale skin and strawberry-blonde hair.

    The change in her hair colour can be attributed to the product she is advertising - a Feria highlighting kit.

    But L'Oreal has been accused of 'whitewashing' her by digitally lightening her skin.
    U.S. newspaper The New York Post, under the headline 'Beyonce The Pale', called the advert 'shocking' and accused the company of making the singer look like a 'weird, nearly white version of herself'.

    Celebrity website TMZ, calling the shot 'severely Photoshopped', added: 'L'Oreal has some serious explaining to do about its bleached-out Beyonce ad!'

    Hundreds of readers added fuel to the controversy, attacking L'Oreal - and even Miss Knowles for not 'being herself'

    The issue attracted heated debate across internet forums. One visitor to said: 'She looks white and that ain't her real hair.'
    Another said: 'I think it is just the lighting, there is no way in hell she would have let this photo out if she had a problem with it.’
    The Black Snob, a blog that discusses race issues, said: ‘What the hell is this unholy abomination?
    ‘People joke about the forever "brightening" of Beyonce, but this is just ridiculous. L'Oreal went out of control and unnecessarily so, considering she is unrecognizable.'
    'To basically tell her that, "oh no ... you're not light enough, Bey. You could always be LIGHTER," is highly insulting.
    'Most people, white or black or Asian or whatever, already find Beyonce attractive as her caramel self.'

    The actress and singer's contract with L'Oreal is worth £2.3million over five years.
    For that, she has to work only ten days a year, turning up for photoshoots and promotional and personal appearances.

    L'Oreal has the option to extend those ten days to 12 but has to pay £12,500 a day for the extra time.

    When she signed the contract, Miss Knowles had to agree to keep her hair in 'excellent condition' and tell the company before making ' radical' alterations to her image.

    Her spokesman yesterday declined to comment, and Elle magazine, which first ran the advert, said it would investigate.

    L'Oreal said yesterday: 'It is categorically untrue that L'Oreal Paris altered Ms Knowles' features or skin tone in the campaign
  2. i saw this photo a few days ago and was shocked at how unrecognizable she looked. i know mags/ads airbrush all the time but some things seem a bit extreme to me. i'm glad they are getting bad press about it. actually, when i first saw the photo i thought: ppl should speak up about this... and i guess they did, but the original one i saw her skin was even lighter than the one above.

    i wonder what beyonce thinks. i'm sure her ppl saw a copy of it.
  3. I saw that photo (this one here is much darker actually), and she looks awful!! She looked like an albino man

    these hair and makeup companies are really overdoing it.
  4. I'm sure "her people" approved the photo prior to publication...
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    Last edited: Aug 8, 2008
    She's a very pretty girl.

  6. she's far more gorgeous a la naturel:yes:
    That airbrushed photo os not remotely flattering. . . very unnatural.
  7. I agree. The airbrushed photos look too monotone - like a department store mannequin. Its hard to believe they would want to make changes to someone who looks fabulous as is.

  8. Everybody wants to be airbrushed on the pics in magazines and ads so I don't see a big deal here. Bet she got lot of money and agreed for this. Every celeb look different in reality than on the proffesional pics.
  9. This is not the first time (nor will it be the last) that media attempts to make a black person look more white.

    I'm not surprised at all.

  10. Yup!
  11. Agree.
  12. I don't think airbrushing is what was so startling. . . it's that somehow pretty B miraculously looks more caucasian than I do! LOL!
    They obviously lightened her up 8 or so shades.
  13. That looks ridiculous. If the thread hadn't informed that was Beyonce, I might not havee even known! I bet L'Oreal will say they lightened her skin so it would look better with the lighter hair color. However, if the lighter hair looks better with lighter skin, then why no use one of their lighter skinned spokesmodels and use Beyonce in adds where her naturally beautiful black skin can shine?
  14. That hair color looks awful on her! Her skin has defnitely been lightened in that pic, she looks really unnatural.
  15. I'm sure they prob airbrushed her but I do think sometimes lighting can be the culprit. I have a friend who is a light skinned black girl. There is a pic up of her at my house where she honest to GOD looks 5 shades lighter!!! Yes, she looked damn near white on that photo. She just commented on how pale she looked when she was there a couple of weeks ago. That photo was taken with my cheap Kodak, no airbrushing!!