Beauty box for 2019?

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  1. Is there any schedule for starting up a new beauty box swap? I used to love participating in these and would love to do it again if anyone else is up for it.
  2. I’m interested
  3. I’m definitely interested.
  4. I would participate, too!
  5. I seem to recall that @unluckystars did not have time to keep up with starting the boxes. I don't remember if anyone else had volunteered or what the outcome was. Any of that sound familiar to anyone? I would love to do another round as all of the swap sites are now defunct, but I don't know if I want to be responsible for starting the box & maintaining spreadsheets.
  6. I’d love to participate again! I have so much product accumulated that I’d like to pass on :smile:
  7. As far as I recall there wasn't a spreadsheet for the last round!
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  8. I recalled that the last time there wasn’t a spreadsheet, we did it on trust and integrity. We agreed to place designer items, no drugstore brands were included and took photos and posted the pics of items we kept.
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  9. I would be interested for sure! Are you thinking of high-end brands only, or drugstore and high-end combined? I don’t mind getting it started or helping organize, unless someone else already has the previous box...
  10. I would participate too!
  11. I'm bumping this because I have a bag of makeup I'd love to swap or part with. I would be happy to mix drugstore/mid/high end so there's a mix and more people can participate. If anyone's willing to work on this I will sign up! At this point I probably have enough stuff to start my own box... :lol:
  12. If there is no spreadsheet to fill in, I would be in.:smile:
    I agree on a mix high/low as well.
  13. I'll consider starting a box with my stuff if we can get enough interest.
  14. Ok. Whatever happened with those boxes? It used to be so much fun?
    Same with the Holliday ones?
  15. I'll participate in a high/low swap box!