Beauty Books !!

  1. I currently have two books by Kevyn Au coin: Making Faces, and Face Forward,
    also i have Trish McEvoy, Power of Makeup & Sam Fine, Fine Beauty

    How about you ? Do you have any beauty books ?
  2. I recently bought a book call Makeup for asian women by Jacelyn Tay. I find it pretty useful because I'm asian and some features are different from europeans.
  3. I don't have any books but I really like Kevin Aucoin's for inspiration
  4. I have Kevyn Aucoin's "Making Faces." I bought it a couple of years ago. Is the info still relevant or are the looks in the book outdated?
  5. The looks in his books, in my opinion, are timeless.
  6. I have all of Kevyn's beauty/makeup books:
    *The Art of Makeup
    *Making Faces
    *Face Forward

    I miss seeing his work on magazine pages. :sad: Mags just aren't the same without him.
  7. I agree, it was a huge loss for the fashion and entertainment industry.
  8. i am a beauty book junkie. :smile:

    my favorites are bobbi brown's (all of them) kevin aucoin making faces the instyle beauty guide and frumpy to foxy. :smile: