Beauty Blender

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  1. I've applied my foundations in many ways, using the brush, fingers, and the beauty blender. Then beauty blender applies the foundation evenly, and doesn't leave any signs of application, like how the brushes does. I also find it to help the foundation to look more natural and not leave your face looking cakey. If you're a type of person who doesn't like to spend that much on a sponge then you would need a pretty good brush to apply your foundation looking flawlessly. Either way, you have to spend some to look good!
  2. I've been thinking about purchasing this. Thanks for the review!
  3. I love the beauty blender too its amazing :smile:
  4. I love this thing! I keep two at home, one in my make-up bag and one in my office.
  5. I love the beatyblender, too! I heard a lot of good things about it, so I gave it a try. My foundation looks perfect when I apply it by beatyblender.
  6. Thanks. How is this in comparison with a foundation brush? Does the foundation go on better with this sponge?

  7. MUCH more natural than a brush, I'll never use a brush again
  8. I love mine too. And it is so much quicker than using a brush.
  9. I love to use it to blend :smile: Fabulous!
    I have an actual beauty blender and a Sephora brand one and I love them both. They are shaped differently, but work equally well.

    I don't use very much foundation/cc cream. I lightly apply moisturizer and then my HAC and then just lightly apply CC cream with a brush to forehead, nose, chin and light swipe along my jawline and neck. I dampen the blender and go over my whole face. I really love it. It gives me the benefits of HAC without a face full of heavy makeup.
  10. :heart: the Beauty blender is amazing~~ I love the natural finish and it's just so easy to use~ It's great for applying both foundation and concealer~
  11. Only complaint is that I have to use more foundation in order to get the same coverage
  12. This is my favorite thing to use to apply my makeup. It can be used for concealer's just a necessity that everyone needs. Gives such a nice finish...don't forget to use it damp :yes:
  13. I totally love this beautyblender i use it for foundation and concealers, liquid bronzers..
    i allready have 4 at home.. 1 only broke after a few uses..

  14. Oh my god!! You are so right. I have even using a BB for awhile and completely ignored my foundation brush.
  15. Is the actual BB the best to buy or will any generic beauty blender work as well?
    I have seen other brands that are cheaper.