Beauty blender-anyone tried these?

  1. Has anyone here tried the new make up sponges called beauty blenders? They are bright pink and come with their own cleanser. I have just ordered one as I normally use my MAC 187 stipling brush for putting on my foundation, but lately it is soaking up too much foundation and I want to try something different. I have never really been a fan of make up sponges, but these are meant to be unique in that they stop your make up from streaking and stuff.
    Any opinions on them would be welcome while I await mine! :p
  2. I don't have one, but saw a little article in a recent issue of Allure, and the blurb raves about how everyone loves them, because they are easy to hold, and really get into the curves of the face, etc.

    Let us know how you like it!!
  3. ^^ I will. I am really hoping that they are as good as all the hype I've read about them. xx
  4. I just recieved mine and i absolutely LOVE it!! it is one of the best beauty products I have ever used ...makes a huge difference esp with undereye concealer

    Kim Kardashians MU artist Mario uses this on her and thats wat inspired me to try it
  5. I got one, but I found I had more control with my Mac brush.... I'd say it's worth a try, though, it might work for you!
  6. Would you mind letting us know what type of undereye concealer you use, just asking bc I have terrible undereye circles and am always looking for something that helps the concealer application process, but wondered if it worked with all of the different "forms" of ue concealer. TIA
  7. i bought it about 2 months ago, it's sitting on my dresser, as I've yet to take the time to play and practice with it. one of these days. I'm sorry for the useless post.
  8. I have it!!! :yahoo:

    I honestly can only say crazy fantastic things about this little pink gem!!!!! I bought the deal where I got two of them, and I should have bought a million more with the Sephora 15% off! (but they hadn't made it to the store I went to yet - the SA had no idea what I was talking about!)

    Anyway, it's so easy to use & clean. You'll be really surprised at how large it gets when you wet it... about 4x the size of itself. So wet it, squeeze out all the excess water and then squeeze it again in a towel...... use the pointy end for concealer and use the fat end for foundation!!! It's so easy and FAST!!

    And you look airbrushed - seriously, I am not a big "I look good" person, but I can't stop looking at my face - it makes my makeup look professionally done!

    I didn't spring for the cleanser, because I was like "17 bucks?!" but I read somewhere else about using Dr. Bronner's Magic Castile Soap - and so I went to Target and got one of the 2oz bottles and I've been using that. Then I just set it on my makeup case to dry....and repeat the next day!!

    It is the BEST beauty product I've used. I tried to find the Sonia Kashuk dupe, but to no avail.

    :dothewave: :ps: :woot:
  9. Target has a dupe for this. Its from Sonia K. line
  10. where in nyc did you buy it? i'm dying to try this!
  11. I wish I loved mine. I much prefer using foundation brushes (ala MAC 187 or 109 brush). Since i'm partial to using brushes, maybe I didn't love mine because I wasn't used to using sponges for foundation? Either way, I didn't notice any difference in the way my foundation applied.
  12. they have it at Ricky's
  13. i basically copied what Mario did on his KK video...first he put on a thick concealor, I'm using Ben Bye concealor but you can also use something like the MAC Studiotech concealor (the one in the little pot) ...dont blend it yet..then put Makeup Forever Lifting Concealor on top of that (which is very liquidy)...then pat it all together with ur beauty blender...its very important to pat ur concealor on and not rub or blend too hard...i think thats why the beauty blender helps so much..but it helps alot~~ you have to try it
  14. thanks, i'm definitely gonna try this!