Beauty Bar Spring RAOK Chat and Reveal Thread

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  1. Chat away, ladies! :yahoo:
  2. Whoo, whoo I am getting ready to start shopping.
  3. I started shopping yesterday, so much fun!!
  4. I thinking I am going to ship early so my buddy gets her package in time for valentines day! :yes:

    I went shopping yesterday and am almost done!
  5. Ooh socal, that is such a good idea!! hmmm.
  6. I was thinking the same thing because I found the cutest Valentines day paper that I want to use.
  7. This is my first RAOK so I've got a couple of questions. I'd really appreciate your help. TIA! :flowers:

    Can we ship any time from now or should we wait until March to do this?

    When we receive our package do we open it, photograph our gifts and post pics straight away, even if we receive it early (as some girls have said they'll ship in time for V-day)?
  8. You can ship whenever you'd like, as long as it is by the shipping deadline.
    When you receive your package you should take pictures and post right away or within the alotted time period in this specific RAOK's rules for all to see. You don't need to wait for everyone else to get their gifts!
  9. You can ship anytime, but you HAVE to ship by the deadline. We love early packages!!

    Yes, we wanna see your gift the second you do!! If your busy that night or whatev, we understand lol, but make sure you get around to posting pics!! :yahoo:

    ETA: Took the words right outta my mouth MM!
  10. Great minds tmc!
  11. Also, if you don't have time to post your pics right away, at least post that you GOT your gift...I know I am always on pins and needles until my buddy gets the package I sent!
  12. Thanks for replying girls. Now that I know I'll get my gifts bought, wrapped and sent really soon. :party:
  13. I think I'm going to do a teaser for Valentine's Day and then the "real" one in March...hopefully someone else does this as well or it'll be a dead giveaway :lol:
  14. I like this idea, I think I might do that too!

  15. I may send a teaser gift too. :supacool:

    Don't forget that everyone needs to PM me your package tracking numbers. We haven't done that on other RAOKs but I took suggestions from other organizers who usually put that in the rules. So if you are using USPS get delivery confirmation...I think UPS or FedEx automatically give tracking, and if you are shipping internationally, I'm sure you will know how to show tracking of your package. :smile:

    I have a horrible headache today. My screaming children aren't helping matters. And I'm watching "17 Children and Counting" and it makes me feel even worse for being short-tempered with my TWO kids. I swear, those people must take valium.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.