Beauty Bar Holiday RAOK 2017!

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  1. Aww yay you finally got it. Oscar is absolutely adorable!! Love all your goodies so pretty! Enjoy your Jaclyn Hill Palette!!
  2. I didn't realize you got it already! Last time I checked tracking, it hadnt gone through customs yet lol. Sorry I mailed so late and forgot the card! I'm so happy I got one of your most wanted items and hopefully Oscar has lots of time let in him :heart::heart:
  3. hi ladies! are we doing a vday raok? it's been awhile since i last joined.
  4. I love that JH palette. :smile:

    And *hugs* to Oscar. What breed is Oscar btw?
  5. I dont think we have enough time unless anyone is interested in a small low dollar quick one. Otherwise a spring/Easter one might be good.
  6. sounds good thanks!
  7. :cool: