Beauty Bar Holiday RAOK 2017!

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  1. Luckily that's never happened to me!
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  2. Just in the nick of time!!! gift1.jpg gift2.jpg
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  3. First up some awesome frizz dry sheets in a coconut scent which I cannot wait to try! and a dior show mascara sample which is still one of my all time favorite mascaras so this will go to good use. Next an absolutely adorable stocking with my initial filled with lindor truffles. I am obsessed with my stocking. gift 3.jpg gift 4.jpg
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  4. Now for the main presentations: First up a wishlist item, Sephora lashcraft mascara so excited to try this new addition to the line yay. sephora.jpg mascara.jpg
  5. Next up another wishlist item: give me some nude lip!! I have been wanting this holiday set since it came out so I am so excited. It has all brands I love and I cannot wait to sample them. nude 1.jpg nude 2.jpg
  6. Finally another wishlist item: GlamGlow Plump and Glow Set I am so excited! The packaging is beautiful and I cannot wait to try out all 4 items!! glam wrap.jpg fingl.jpg glam444.jpg
  7. And who got me all these amazing goodies? Tara!! And here is everything all together!!! Thank you so much Kansashalo
    card.jpg all together.jpg
  8. Lots of lovely goodies! Great job, Tara!
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  9. What a great group of goodies! LOVE Lashcraft! Glamglow is awesome and can't go wrong with yummy treats and sample sizes that make using it up quicker feel like such an accomplishment.
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  10. YAY! I'm glad you got it just in time :smile: I want a follow-up on the mascara as I had never heard of that one from Sephora and resisted my temptation to buy one for me too lol

    And seriously, those frizz hair sheets are my addiction (especially after work outs). Let me know what you think of them. :P

    Happy Holidays everyone....
  11. Happy holidays. Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas.
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  12. Merry Christmas Bellas if you observe the holiday!
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  13. I definitely will follow up!! The mascara is awesome I'm in love lol!! Scoop one up.
  14. Currently waiting for our last gift to go through Canadian customs! Hopefully it arrives in the next few days!
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  15. Stuff is slow coming here. Waiting on a package from December 12th still.
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