Beauty Bar Holiday RAOK 2017!

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  1. $75 Minimum

    Please read all the following, since all participants will be held accountable by the rules below.

    In order to participate in this RAOK you must fulfill the following requirements:

    *have successfully participated in a previous BB RAOK*

    *have at least 500 posts*
    *be an active member of tPF and the Beauty Bar*
    *be a tPF member for at least six months*

    To sign up please send me the following information via PM:

    For new participants: The New Participant Application is to be sent to Unluckystars. Once this has been approved, I will ask for your email to send an elfster request.

    For previous RAOK participants: Send me your email if you were not in the last few Raoks. I am asking that all questionairres be sent via message in elfster to whoever has drawn you to simplify things.

    **Important dates to remember**

    October 17th: Sign ups begin on this date

    November 5th: Sign ups end on this date

    November 5th: New participant survey must be in by this date and all Elfster requests must be accepted!

    November 6th: RAOK buddies will be drawn by Soon after the drawing you will be sent your buddy’s information.

    December 5th: All packages being shipped internationally must be shipped by this date.

    December 19th: All domestic packages (within your own country) must be shipped by this date.


    **Important Information**

    * One package is required: The package must contain new, unused (tested) and unopened beauty items.Do NOT send anything that may be old or expired! The total package should be worth at least $75 or the equivalent in your currency. The price point does not include shipping fees.

    * TRACKING is required for all gifts: Once you have your package all wrapped up and ready to go, please make sure that you purchase some form of tracking. This serves as a proof of shipment and also will help you and your buddy in case the package gets lost. Tracking information must be PM’d to me by the shipping deadline.

    * You MUST post pictures of your package: Once you receive your package from your buddy, you must post clear pictures and description of it. All of us want to see what goodies you got!

    * Elfster is the website that we will be using for this Raok. Once I get your sign up information and email address, you will receive an invitation to join the RAOK on This website helps us organize things and also will be the one who ultimately “picks” your buddy! Elfster is also where buddies can ask questions and/or chit chat without revealing their identities.

    *Wishlist Requirement: When building your wishlist in Elfster ensure that you have added both items you want as well as items you don't want (please list brands, types of products). Please review the list to ensure that items you have received in previous RAOK's are no longer listed, and be considerate to your buddy who is buying for you and try to add items of all price ranges so they can appropriately select a variety of items to gift you in return.

    * No vacationers. If you will be away from home for more than 1 week per month...don't sign up. Gifts have to be mailed and reveals posted in a timely manner as described above, and vacation plans may interfere.

    * The Angel System is in place for MISSING gifts: The angel system that was used in the previous RAOK will also be used in this round. I hope that we won’t have the need to use it though! If someone does end up flaking on their buddy, all members will be required to contribute to an angel package with a value of approximately $75. At 12 members, this would be $6.00

    *Participate in the chat/reveal thread. Participation in the chat/reveal thread is REQUIRED. We all know what it's like to get gifts, it's a wonderful feeling, but this RAOK is here for more than just the experience of getting a gift but giving and watching others receive as well!

    * One of the benefits of this RAOK is that we get members from all across the world. The reality of international buddies is that we are at the mercy of two separate postal systems. Please note that delays may (and CAN) occur if you have an international buddy who you are gifting to or receiving from. This means that we encourage these participants to be extra patient in giving and receiving their gifts because of the distance and time involved. If this is something you do not wish to have, please state so with your questionnaire.

    **The Questionnaires **

    The New Participant Questionnaire:

    1. How long have you been a member of tPF?
    2. How many posts do you have?
    3. Which sections of tPF do you frequent (list please)?
    4. Have you successfully participated in another RAOK on tPF? If so, which one (link to it please)?
    5. Are there any Beauty Bar RAOK participants who can vouch for you?
    6. Do you plan to participate in the RAOK Reveal and Chit Chat thread?
    7. Are there any upcoming events that may prohibit you from sending your gift or posting a reveal of the gift you receive?
    8. Have you read ALL the RAOK guidelines and understand them?
    9. You must include a picture (of anything) with the application or link to a thread where you have posted a picture on tPF.

    Once new participants have been approved you will receive a Pm requesting your email.

    The Questionnaire:

    (This info should be sent through elfster)
    TPF Username:
    Mailing address:
    Email address:

    About you:
    Age (age range):
    Favorite colors:
    Least favorite colors:
    Are you ok with products not purchased directly from the manufacturer (eBay, 3rd party beauty sites)?

    Your hair color & length:
    Type (dry, oily, colored, etc):
    Favorite products/brand:
    Least favorite products/brand:
    Are drugstore brands okay for hair products?

    Your face skin tone:
    Skin type (oily, dry, combination):
    Acne prone?
    Sensitive skin?
    Favorite products/brands:
    Least favorite products/brands:
    Are drugstore brands okay for skincare?

    Your eye color:
    Do you wear glasses?
    Eyelashes (long, short, straight):
    Favorite eyeshadow colors:
    Least favorite eyeshadow colors:
    Favorite products/brands:
    Least favorite products/brands:
    Waterproof or non-waterproof?
    Are drugstore brands okay for eye products (mascara, eye shadow)?

    Do you wear lipgloss/lipstick?
    Favorite brand of lipgloss/lipstick?
    Least favorite brand/products?
    Favorite colors to wear on lips:
    Chapstick or lipbalm favorites:
    Are drugstore brands okay for lip products?

    Type of nails (natural, acrylic, gel):
    Length of nails (short, long):
    Favorite brands of nailpolish:
    Favorite colors to wear on nails:
    Least favorite brands for polish:
    Do you require brands that are Big3 Free or Big5 Free?
    Are drugstore brands okay for nailpolish?
    Do you do gel/shellac nails yourself and what colors are you looking for?

    Skin type:
    Sensitive skin?
    Allergic to perfumes?
    What type of scents do you like?
    Favorite perfumes?
    Least favorite perfumes?
    Favorite products/brands:
    Least favorite products/brands:

    General questions:
    Do you have children? If so, what ages?
    Do you have any pets?
    Would you want your buddy getting a small gift for your child?
    Would you want your buddy getting a small gift for your pet?
    Top 5 items on your Elfster Wishlist you are lemming for?
    What products do you not need (please ensure these are ALSO listed on your Elfster Not-Wanted List)?
    List five of your FAVORITE most recent beauty purchases.
    Products you would like to try out but have never had the time or desire?
    Do you want/like/appreciate samples of products you have never tried?
  2. I would like to stay away from Dropshipping this year unless its an emergency (like first package lost in mail). Please make sure if you sign up, that you get a package mailed in time.
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  4. I've been MIA for awhile - but would be happy to join if you'll have me. I participated a few years ago. I'm normally out of town for a few weeks during the holidays - but this year we are staying put.
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  5. :yahoo:
  6. It's so quiet here now. Do you remember how big the nail polish exchanges were?
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  7. I think Facebook Groups have overtaken a lot of the traffic unfortunately
  8. Bump
  9. FYI - I will be out of town Thurs-Fri.
  10. Bump!
  11. This is happening this year? Yay! It’s been so quiet this year with the other holidays, I’m in.
  12. Social media def took over. With the message boards it’s longer response times etc. Facebook, WhatsApp, group me etc it’s instant practically and easier
  13. We only have 4 people total (including me) I'm going to give it more time to see if we get anyone else!
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  14. I back from my trip - so can keep up now
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  15. Bump :smile: