Beauty and the Geek, anybody?

  1. DH and I have been watching this show since it debated on UPN, and now it's on CW. DH is a geek, a handsome one may I add, and I have a tiny little bit of geek in me too (can you imagine a bag-loving geek? ;) ) so we really like the show. They have some of the funniest comments/behaviors in a reality show. Anyway, the new season started on Wed and there will be a rerun of the first episode on Sunday.

    Anybody else likes the show? Cmon geeks, fess up! :p
  2. i used to love the show.

    but the new season is "eh" IMO
  3. HAHA! I have to admit that PHH and I watched it this week..LOLOLOL!
    Last season seemed better but we shall see!!!
  4. Oh I used to watch this show a lot!!
    Is it even on still?
    It's soo good!

    Do you remember that episode where that asian guy did that rubik's cube in like 10 seconds (something like that).. It was crazy!!
  5. i watched the first season, it was interesting. now i do watch the second season when i have the time.
  6. I loved watching it last season but I'm not convinced that its real.

    Do you remember Tristin? Well last week i saw on her an American Idol rewind show audtioning for the first season. (like 3 or 4 years ago I think). It was one of those episodes where they show the good and bad auditions.

    And when they interviewed her she said that she was her high school valedictorian!!!! (sp?)

    So if she's that smart then how did she end up on beauty and the geek as a no so smart beauty?

    :shrugs: I was so surprised when I saw that because I really loved the show but now I beleive a lot of what has been said about reality shows being not so real. :yucky:
  7. My dh and I watch it too. I noticed that one of the girls Jenny Lee looked so familar and then I realized that I had seen her on MTV on an eposide of "Next". :shame:
  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the show!! My friends actually know two to the guys from this season (the MIT one and the Berkeley grad) so its kind of more entertaining. :yes:
  9. Yeah that was crazy! Tyson was his name, wasn't it?

    There is another Asian guy on this season, who has a perpetual smile on him. DH has questions about one of the geeks this season, he is convinced Nate is really an actor. We will see.
  10. I love this show too!!
  11. hahaha 10 seconds. my friend did it in 8. shes freaky good. i still havent been able to do it. there's some weird formula/technique u need to know. i just keep spinning it until something turns out right.

    i saw it last week. the challenges didnt seem to be very hard.

  12. You know the one Asian girl that won (last year I think)? I saw her myspace and she said they didn't look for stupid girls... so I guess just girls that act stupid. :confused1:
  13. We've been watching ths show form first season. I must say that Asian girl form last season should be in the show. She's too smart to be there and DH said, it's kinda hard to find dumb Asian..:rolleyes: they need Asian in the show.

    I want to see the show Hot guys with not so hot girls but eventually transform those girl become Hot..
  14. I love this show! I watched the first one, and the one that just started. It's just so funny!
  15. I love the idea of having HOT guys with not so hot girls....that would be interesting. And we'd have some eye candy to watch too!!;)