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  1. [​IMG]
    The peacock struts his stuff to the delight of onlookers
    They say that gentlemen prefer blondes. And this fellow must be hoping that somewhere there's a lady peacock who feels the same.

    Out for a strut at a Chinese zoo, the rare pure white male fanned his magnificent platinum tailfeathers in a common mating gesture.

    Unfortunately for him, the only other peacock within squawking distance was another white male. The pair are the star attraction at the Harbin Zoo in the north-east of the country, where they have lived for two years. Unlike their more familiar cousins, the Indian Blue, they only have faint eye-spot markings, which means they appear snow white from a short distance away.
  2. Wow,
    I have seen the blue ones but that is magnificent
  3. Just gorgeous!!!!!
  4. Now that is one gorgeous peacock!
  5. Wow! What a show-stopper! Gorgeous! Peacocks are so funny. One of my old neighbors had peacocks for watch-dogs. They were better watchdogs than our dogs who pretty much slept through everything.
  6. ^^ Haha. They are so pretty. I would love to them IRL.
  7. Sooo pretty!!
  8. really incredible! I had no idea there were white ones? thanks for sharing!!
  9. Your welcome. Ive never seen anything like this.. just beautiful.
  10. Wow, I've never seen anything like that. Stunning!
  11. Aww! It's so pretty!
  12. Wow - that is just incredible
  13. I didn't know there were all-white peacocks either! So pretty!
  14. His plumage looks like lace or even the ice that forms cool patterns on windows in colder climates! He's so cool and quite the beauty!
  15. WOW! That is so gorgeous, I didn't know peacocks came in white! He is like, blindingly white!