Beautiful Yves Saint Laurent

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  1. Hello, I have the Yves Saint Laurent black patent belt, which I am completely obsessed with. But the one belt I'm dying to have is the Yves Saint Laurent Raffia's from last season but I am so in love with it.
    I've attached a picture of Jessica Alba wearing it.
    If anyone knows where I can get my hands on one then I would be ever so grateful.
    Thanks guys!! :yes:

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  2. Try going through YSL to get it...perhaps they will be able to find it through their database...
  3. Yes I tried and I found one here in the UK but it's £285! Whereas I know Neiman Marcus had it on sale for $123! But they've sold out so i may have to go for the £285 one.
    thank you for your suggestion. :yes: