Beautiful Vintage Shelby

  1. I have my Shelby already, a nice crackled brown.

    Isn't it interesting how these vintage Koobas keep popping up. It is the only thing that makes eBay interesting for me right now.

    Enough of the Jillians, Siennas, etc....give us the older gals!
  2. I'm not done with the newer stuff yet. I mean the older newer stuff. I just got a Sand Jillian and am looking at a Carla. I think the Spring line disappointed me so much that I really started appreciating the hardy sturdy leathers of the past couple of years. My Jillian, Jessie, Maria have indestructable leathers. I've never had to baby them. My Maria is my favorite in Terraine. That's why I am contemplating a Carla in the same. Sadly I may sell my "Vintage" Tatum. I have only used her for 2 days and she is a smaller bag.
  3. Up to $232. and climbing...

    What a gorgeous bag! The white background lining worries me, though.....I'd be afraid to use it!
  4. I've had a couple of Kooba sellers who I have dealt with write me asking if I saw this bag and if anyone I knew was bidding. That is a weird occurance so maybe this bag may go higher than expected. It certainly is beautiful. A Vintage Kooba in New Condition.

    I this bag is still this price at ending....I'm going to bid on it. It's a one time chance to find this bag guess.
  5. Backing

    Good luck, Lexie, we'll keep our fingers crossed for you! She's a beauty & NWOT, looks brand new. I'm not sure of the pewter color, have you seen it?
  6. Did you want it Rose? I was only going to bid if no one else was and it stayed the same price. I certainly don't need it. And I'm not going to pay more than 5.00 more than what it is right now. If you want it, please tell me and I'll not bid. I don't want to raise your price because of my bid. I didn't know anyone was seriously interested. So I'll back off. It's no biggie to me. I can think of many other bags to covet.

    Actually I just placed an Order with LNinos for a Gustto Setela. I hope I like it as much as I think I will.
  7. No, I wasn't really serious about it. I've been watching it mostly to see what it will go for.

    Happy bidding!
  8. LOL, no happy bidding for me! It went for over 300. Good for that seller. The bag is lovely....but not mine :sad:
  9. Wow, 36 bids and sold for $316...sombody wanted it bad!
  10. I just wrote him and told him that was a Tatum bag not a Shelby. I was the one who told him his first bag was a Shelby. I guess he thought that meant all of his bags were a Shelby...LOL I was going to list my Tatum in Rust but decided to wait until this is over.

  11. LOL-yeah he seemed to think it was a "line" or something. The pewter color is intruiging, have you ever seen that color IRL?

    Your Tatum is darling, why are you selling, too small?
  12. No, never seen Pewter. It is a really neat color.
    I am selling my Tatum because I only used it a few days. It is a smaller bag (but very roomy actually) but I am a bigger girl and it makes me look as if I'm carrying a doll purse...LOL I've never used it because I prefer my bigger bulkier more leather-y bags. This Tatum is light as a feather. It barely weighs anything. I think my pics are better than his so I am hoping for a decent price. I'll watch his auction and see what it does.
  13. The pewter looks like black with maybe a grayish metallic undertone..

    lol-I know what you mean about those tiny purses...great for the size 0 girls, but we who are real women need real handbags!