Beautiful Vert D'eau Day available!

  1. I've seen a lot of threads asking for this infamous bag, if it's left in stock, any available, and lo and behold, here is one on eBay. The seller is a lovely tPFer and the bag looks to be in great condition.

    Vert D'eau Goodness Ahoy!
  2. It's gone!
  3. wow, that went fast!!
  4. ooooh which tPFer got this goodie I wonder!
  5. I saw this this morning and then about 2 hours later it was gone! Such an amazing color, lucky winner!
  6. I was lucky enough to snag this one! :yahoo:
  7. Congrats, fashion_junky! You can cross off one of your HG bags!
  8. Congrats!! Will you be posting pics when you get it?? :graucho:
  9. Amazing find, nice job! congrats on finding an HG of yours! VD is so beautiful and the leather is TDF! :drool: I hope you love it!
  10. Thanks everyone! Yes, I can scratch that off my HG list! Now if I could just find those elusive 04 bags....
  11. Congrats!!! Def post pictures when you get it!

    There was an 04 seafoam on eBay, it just wasn't a purse, I think it was a twiggy.

  12. Thanks! Yeah, I saw the seafoam twiggy. I actually already own a seafoam twiggy, but I wanted to get that one on ebay for my mom for her birthday. She always talks about wanting mine when I use it! But the seller wouldn't ship to Canada unfortunately.
  13. No worries, ladies!

    I'm sure fashion will post pics as soon as she gets her (in about one week, exactly)l :p
  14. Yes! Will do! Although, I might wait a little I have one more bag on its way to me that I'd like to include in my pics....:wlae:
  15. RERE - are you selling off to fund something else? :graucho: