Beautiful Soia & Kyo Jacket - any1 familiar?

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  1. I just ordered this Soia & Kyo (Montreal designers) trench from Revolve in a medium because a commenter said to size up, but now I'm wondering if I made a mistake. I live in Oz so hate to send things back all the time and they don't have a small to exchange it with anyway.

    Does anyone know if a traditional size 4 will fit this jacket ok (in a medium)? Anyone tried it on or bought it? They are now sold out of this black Claire style at Revolve. Hope it fits me. Any comments from any owners etc. would be much appreciated :peace:

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  2. If you're a size 4, you should have bought a small I think. I'm usually a 4 on top (but then, I'm 5ft 10) and I bought a small in a similar trench last year. Even then, the coat is still not super tight on me, which is good so I can at least wear layers underneath.

    S&K and Mackage (same company) tend to fit a bit slimmer in the upper arms and shoulders, but I think S&K is a bit more forgiving than Mackage.
  3. I own a Soia & Kyo jacket in a different style. I'm normally a size 4, and I also bought a medium. Hope it works out!
  4. I have a double breasted trench from soia and kyo and bought the medium even though I fit in the small too but medium was more comfy for layering.
  5. Hmm what is a size 4 equivalent too? I normally wear an XS or S in tops, and the S in the S&K jacket fits good with room to spare.
  6. Thanks for comments everyone. I probably should have got a small because I don't plan to layer much underneath and do prefer a snug fit. Now will wait for coat to arrive and will prolly be disappointed if I have to send it back. If I really love it in person I might see if they still have the small available at the Soia & Kyo online store. Hopefully by then they will have reduced the price like Revolve has done just recently (on the white one anyway). What a pain but will hope for the best. Thanks again :flowers: