Beautiful Shoes

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  1. Whew! Look at that heel! Those are so pretty, they make me think of a wedding :] Lol the description says closed toe but the picture looks like theres an opening in the front.
  2. They are cute , but i just dont like they big flower on it
  3. Oh, they are lovely!
  4. Very cute!
  5. Wow. Very pretty!
  6. Minnie, those are gorgeous. Too big and too tall for me. I'd probably trip and break my ankle again with those.
  7. Wow, these are really awesome. :smile:
  8. very cute! I am a size 9!
  9. I'm a 9, and they are really cute...but that heel...yikes!
  10. They are cute. Very high though. I'm 5'10, they put me well over 6'0!