Beautiful Rouge Make up cluch from a nice PFer

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  1. Wow, gone already!
  2. Yep, that was mine...the new owner is the fastest payer on the planet!
  3. Donna, that was you? You're the seller? Wow! I bought it. And yes, I am consistently the fastest payer on the planet. :yes:
  4. ^^LOL Congrats Decophile and Donna! Two very nice PFers :smile:

    P.S. Decophile, I have to come over and drool over your handbag collection one day!
  5. Any time! I just got a new shipment today of the softest, most scrumptious camel city. I work in Lodo so if you're in the neighborhood;)
  6. Sooooo sad I missed this; I want a clutch!

    But congrats gals! It's beautiful!
  7. ^^ I'm suppose to be on purse ban and I can tell this relationship would be an enabler type. Bad for me and the purse ban.:ban: But one of these days when I'm downtown and I see a stylish lady with a Balenciaga I'll wonder if its you.
  8. :lol: Guilty as charged! I'm a horrible enabler in every way. My friends' husbands fear me. When they hear their wives are going shopping with me, they're filled with horror! :shocked:
  9. ^^ lol!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    p.s. my sister-in-law lives in denver, i'd better warn my 'lil bro!!!
  10. Decophile, did I forget to mention in my auction that when I'm in your area I get visitation of the Makeup clutch? did I forget to type that in, darn me. Well, it was implied and I think that would hold up in court...ha kidding. So glad it was you!
  11. ^Visitation rights are all yours, but do remember that when you visit your children you must bring them gifts, such as little Compagnons, and the like...
  12. OMG you are too that you mention it, I just got off the phone with Joseph at BalNY and I have a Small Compagnon wallet and the makeup case coming in Blueberry....theres no bags I want right now (unless its a Calcaire or Ink) so its all about the accessories!...he did say that whatever Blueberry stock they have now will be it, there wont be anymore incoming shipments of anything Blueberry.
  13. ^ Donna could I see pictures of your blueberry compagnon when it arrives? :love: I've been wanting a mini for some time now, but I can't decide on a color :flowers: Congrats on the sale and all the new accessory purchases we've got going on in this thread!