Beautiful purple quilted bay

  1. Purple quilted bay pics taken in Harvey Nics - the bag is absolutely gorgeous. Tag -I'm so sorry about your nasty eBay experience and I think you more than deserve this:yes:
    pb1.jpg pb2.jpg
  2. What a gorgeous color! This would make a beautiful Spring bag.
  3. Where's that pickle riding the snail looking horse. I'm on my way??
  4. Love the description of that smiley Susie :lol:!
  5. Hey Drp, long time, no speak. :flowers:Thanks for your kind words and for posting the pics. I'm REALLY confused now though:confused1: because I don't think that's the bag I saw in HN / Harrods. The one I saw, which I think was the one they call 'Pigalle' looked slightly lighter and pinkier ( same colour as in the Chloe SS08 brochure and on NAP). I'm wondering if the one you photographed is the same one as Mona posted from the Matches website ?

    Anyway, I'm going to have another look IRL tomorrow...maybe more than just a look this space for further news....
  6. It is like the whole Chloe forum has started to enable Tag with things and it isnt subtile either:lol:
    My fav enabling post today was "Tag is allowed two more bags":lol:
  7. [​IMG]Here comes Susie...:roflmfao:
  8. That's hilarious:roflmfao:...I've no idea what it means ( wtf is that green thing ?)'s just too funny:lol:.
  9. Oh Miss be honest, it doesn't take much to enable me :nogood:...when I joined TPF I think I already had four quilted Bays actually :shame:. I don't think I'll be buying TWO more...but one, well that's a different matter :lol: !
  10. I thought it was a banana riding a pickle colored snail? :roflmfao:
  11. Bah! I was doing a serious happy dance :happydance: because I thought you had bought the purple bay drpn! Then I read through more carefully and it's just a pic from the store. Still gorgeous, but I was ll ready to congratulate you!

    I do love how easy it is to enable Tag though! :heart: Tag is a rockstar!
  12. I quite like being described as a rockstar, but I can think of other less complimentary ways to describe my inability to restrain myself when a shiny new colour in the Quilted Bay style presents itself.:s:shame:...I suppose it's not much different to a small child being drawn to shiny objects :rolleyes:!

  13. WTF=I'm laughing so hard I have tears running down my cheeks!!!!!!!
  14. Tag - you have to read the post where the pickle was first introduced! It is Susie through and through. Meanwhile - I DID see the pigalle Bay at LVR and it was different from this purple one. There are two and you need to decide which one you like better!
  15. I was laughing so hard my DH had to look. He thinks it's a banana riding an alpaca.