Beautiful Pucci Bag

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  1. Girls - Please don't beat me too hard with your beautiful handbags, but I couldn't find a forum dedicated to Pucci on the list, so I've had to post here!

    My Boyfriend has just found what looks like a beautiful Pucci bag on ebay which he thought I'd love, but I'm not 100% sure that it's authentic and wanted some help! (the only Pucci thing I own are the rain boots that came out a while back!)

    I've checked the seller out and they have good feedback and have been around for sometime....

    Here is the beauty: EMILIO PUCCI divine satin evening bag NWT (item 170056165581 end time 07-Dec-06 20:14:47 GMT)

    ANY help at all would be appreciated

  2. Thats a very nice handbag. The label looks legit too.. I know thats not such a good basis for such a purchase but it just 'looks' it. I know that wasn't very helpful but I just wanted to say it's a very cute bag.
  3. No-No - thank you for saying that Juicebox! - all comments are welcome!

    See, it's hard for me to go by - Like I said, I have a pair of authentic Pucci wellies (and a limited edition item they did for a sportswear brand!) so I know what the signature should look like on Pucci items - it's just not having a bag to go by makes it harder for us to decide!

    It's my birthday on Sunday, which is why I'm pondering - should this be the big gift to myself for my 24th? ;o)
  4. No problem :smile:

    I would definetly say so as long as it's a real one. As I said before I'm sure some more users will come on later to give you advice. As we're both in the UK and most people may be at work or whatnot. Ya know? XD
  5. I almost bought that same bag in the blue print over the summer... looks legit to me and I agree, its beautiful! The metal handle annoyed me so i didnt purchase it but the bag itself is just stunning.
  6. It probably is authentic, but if I were you, I'd buy it for £20 over the starting price on the UK NAP site (sale section).

    Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    You will then be absolutely sure it is authentic (or as near as anyone can be!) and it will be delivered by DHL, in a lovely presentation box. :yes:
  7. Ah-Ha! - it's the "Emilio Pucci Hibiscus Demi-lune Evening Bag"!!!!!

    Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction Chloehandbags - :yes: £180 isn't too bad from £160, and I guess that way I wont get blown out of the water in a mad bidding frenzy!

    It's such a gorgeous bag (I'm pleased that my boyfriend has been taking notes on what I like also!) - I'm going to keep my eye on the ebay one also....
  8. ^ No problem! :flowers:

    It is a gorgeous bag. :yes: I love Pucci prints. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    BTW, I have the hair tie, in this print, in blue! :biggrin:
  9. Awww - I bet that it's fantastic!

    Pucci prints are gorgeous - I'm still so in love with my rain boots.
    The Pucci sportswear top I bought is still in it's box waiting for an outing.....

    I can see myself going mad and buying that bag from the NAP sale.....
  10. lovely bag. I love Pucci. I love my scarves and rain boots:love:

  11. I wouldn't blame you if you did! :biggrin:

    I have a pair of Ovali print wellingtons/rainboots from about two years ago, too. :yes:
  12. That's a beautiful bag!
  13. That's a very nice bag!
  14. I had a Pucci bag, click my bags.
    You will see mine...and the pink with silver Pucci is cute.;)