Beautiful Pink Tano?

  1. How sweet is this? Do you ladies agree? I love Tano. They make my heart sing....;)
  2. Very cute! I have the same purse in a red/coral color. I love it!!!
  3. oh that is such a pretty color! it brings such a soft touch to an outfit!
  4. omg! I usually don't like pink bags but this is so demure and light, it's just so lovely for Spring. Thanks for sharing JC! :drool:

    Where did you see this one?
  5. I have just bought the same style bag (the boogie bucket though) in the dark brown shade!

    I cant wait to get it :yes:
  6. That is just a great color, that is the cracked leather bag, right? go for it...I think the color allows year round usage actually..not to dark, not too light... and isn't it $20 off at for a couple more days?
  7. Very cute! I like the shade of pink and brown combo. Plus the leather looks really soft.
  8. Sweet as sugar - and there is lots of Tano experience on TPF to draw on . . .
  9. LOVE the colour!

    I would have prefered it to be another style though - otherwise LOVE the colour!
  10. That is is a gorgeous pink!
  11. i've been eyeing the same one! it's so pretty in the cracked ice leather.
  12. Don't you wish it was a Sex Bomb???? wink wink......:rolleyes:
  13. This comes from our very own tpfer Alexandra from (hi Alexandra! like the plug???) and you get $20 between now and Mom's Dad for us tpfers!!! Lovin' it!!!:woohoo:

  14. Maybe I'm not navigating the site correctly, but I couldn't find any of the boogie bags at all. Meh. 20 bucks isn't enough of an incentive for me. I'm gonna wait. ;)
  15. I love that shade of pink. It'd be perfect for summer!