Beautiful Piece of Sculpture!

  1. SO I was bored and going through

    I've seen the Bleeker leather patchwork stuff before, but I never knew there was a top handle pouch! I wouldn't get the print in the big size, but this just looks like sculpture dont you think?

  2. Yeah, that pouch is really small, though! It's going to be a pretty popular item because people want the Bleecker Patchwork, but they don't want to spend the $700 on the Large Duffel.
  3. exactly!!!
  4. Yeah, I've never noticed that! It does look like a sculpture. :smile:
  5. Does anybody here have this bag? I've yet to see it in real life.
  6. no :sad: its weird i havent seen it either.. they only have the big one at my store
  7. It is definitely a work of art! It's not my personal favorite but you can definitely appreciate the workmanship and creativity that was put into this style! :tup: