"Beautiful OUTLET Reveal: My Black Stallion!"

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  1. I dont think I have searched for a bag so fast.
    Called a store to do a outlet wide search, it was a lil touch n go bc it was only in transit. Called that store and a manager said they had just got tranfers in and that she would hold. First she said it would be FP but i told her it was deleted and she went to check and came back and said wowo, you know more than me lololol.

    This bag is a beauty. A friend talked me into her and so happppppppy she did bc she a sexy, classy black bag. Outlet price $236$

    Ms. Marobox Black Med Borough!!!!!
  2. What a beauty she is. Congrats woman.
  3. :faint: Only you can get these bags "practically free". :roflmfao: GORGEOUS!!!
  4. She did THAT............AGAIN! :happydance:Nice job!
  5. Lovely! A Classic!
  6. Beautiful bag!!
  7. Congrats...he sure is beautiful...and at a great price too:smile:
  8. My B family!
  9. Holy sh*t!! Gorgeous bag; beautiful, sleek and timeless.
  10. You know how to get it done! Congrats on getting another gorgeous B at a fantastic price😃
  11. Wow!! Those are gorgeous!!! Congrats on your fabulous finds!
  12. Wow what a beauty....love your collection!
  13. Love your Borough family - and all at great prices! Congrats sis!:drinkup:
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    Omg! That is gorgeous! You do come back with a bang, duncha! ;) Always fun to see your reveals! Love the oxblood one too! So classic!
  15. Gorgeous!